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ATP 3-35.1 Army Pre-Positioned Operations

ATP 3-35.1, Army Pre-Positioned Operations replaces FM 3-35.1 with the same title. This manual provides the framework for commanders and their staff at all levels and deploying units on the employment of Army prepositioned stocks (APS) to support force projection and the combatant commanders. The conversion and update of this manual is in compliance with the Army’s Doctrine 2015 initiative and aligns Army pre-positioned operations with the current APS strategy. ATP 3-35.1 uses the theater environment as the focus of organizations, events and activities that are integral to plan and execute Army pre-positioned operations that supports force projection. ATP 3-35.1 contains five chapters and 2 appendices: Chapter 1 is an overview of Army pre-positioned operations and discusses activity sets and APS systems integration into Global Combat Support System-Army. Chapter 2 describes the organizational roles and responsibilities from strategic to tactical levels. Chapter 3 discusses detailed planning for pre-positioned operations from the commander’s perspective. Chapter 4 discusses the issue process from reception, staging, onward movement and integration to receipt by deploying units. Chapter 5 discusses the turn-in process to include redeployment. Appendix A is a list of automated systems that support Army pre-positioned operations. Appendix B includes checklists for planning Army pre-positioned operations. xxx

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ATP 3-35.1 Army Pre-Positioned Operations
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