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A&E Resources - Tools



  Ammo Reference Guide 2.jpgClick on photo for Ammunition Reference Guide

JHCS  (Joint Hazard Classification System) on DESKES 

JHCS (has a feed on the MHP but can no longer download) 

Yellow Book Rev 20 August 2023


Marine Corp Packaging Digest 2021 this can also be found on MAKE (Marine Ammunition Knowledge Enterprise)

Substitutability/Interchangeability list 2023

Automatic Returns List FY 2024


ASA1 A&E Box Marking Class - Effective 13 December 2022, HQDA EXORD 111-23 directs all U.S. Army ammunition storage activities (ASA's) to update their inventory procedures in accordance with EXORD 111-23. Further, it directs all ASA's to update their training requirements for marking Ammunition and Explosives (A&E) containers. Contributed by W. Jenkins. 

Ammunition and Explosives Light Box Management

BLAHA inventory Calculator


Ammunition Class V Research Guide Nov 2021

List of Common Supplies, Tools, and Equipment for Ammunition and Explosives Operations


Residue Listing Template, contributed by P. Jones 

Ammunition Catalog Price Calculator - Packaging - Joint Services Ammunition Catalog

2020 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)


FSC Cheat sheet