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AR 710-4 Property Accountability 12/26/2023 

  • ALARACT 004/2024 – Publication of Army Regulation 710-4, Property Accountability

*EXORD 031-24_complete Army Ammunition Management and Auditability Compliance Guide - Effective immediately, all Army Components will implement the administrative management, accountability, inventory, distribution/material management, auditability, and access procedures associated with Army Ammunition Operations, in accordance with the criteria of this Order and the Attached Army Ammunition Management And Auditability Compliance Guide. NEW

AIN 014-23 Small Lot Quantity NEW - This Notice Applies To All U.S. Army Organizations At Both Wholesale And Retail Locations That Issue, Receive, Store, And Ship Class V.

ALARACT 037/2023 – Arms, Ammunition, And Explosives Accountability And Loss And Recovery Reporting 

Army Directive 2023-07 (Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives Accountability), 24 March 2023

AR 700-28 Ammunition Management, 9 October 2020, This regulation prescribes Army ammunition logistics policy at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. This regulation also provides guidance on accountability and management of ammunition stocks received, stored, issued, and safeguarded by tactical (deployable and nondeployable) and fixed-based ammunition supply activities (ASAs). 

DA PAM 700-16 The Army Ammunition Management System dated June 2021, This Department of the Army pamphlet provides an overview of the Army Ammunition Management Program, key procedures, and references. It is designed to describe the system and basic procedural guidance for full life cycle ammunition management and is to be used in conjunction with applicable references for ammunition management. This includes ammunition research, development, and acquisition; distribution, storage, and maintenance; and production base readiness, management, and stock control procedures.

Joint Conventional Ammunition Policies and Procedures October 2017 Objectives of the SMCA mission, as stated in reference (a), are to achieve the highest possible degree of efficiency and effectiveness in the DoD operations required to acquire top quality conventional ammunition, and also in the wholesale conventional ammunition logistics functions. The guidance known collectively as JCAPPs is aligned with the topical paragraphs of DoDI 5160.68 (reference (c)); is in consonance with the authorities and responsibilities assigned in the SMCA Charter (reference (d)); is jointly developed, approved, and published by the JOCG; and reflects agreements among the Military Services and SMCA to achieve these objectives.

Ammunition Reference Guide - The newest version of the Ammunition Reference Guide! It is now in an online version and easy to keep updated by you the Ammunition Community. It is a powerful tool and a living knowledge bank where experts are encouraged to contribute their experience and update information as it happens. It allows users to integrate and interlink knowledge into topical-based articles and collaborate on issues up to and including UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO documentation.