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CIR Tips from US Army

CIR Templated and procurement.army.mil/catmgmt with all Category Management Tips and more requires CAC/PIV and an Army AMID account

In 2021, AMC IMCOM completed a CIR on “Custodial Services”. Custodial Services are IMCOM's 10th largest spend within OMB Level 2, Category 4.4 Facility Related Services. IMCOM obligated $140M in FY19 and $131M in FY20. Thirty-one (57.4%) contracts are awarded to an Ability One Nonprofit Agency (NPA), 17 (31.5%) are to a protégé of the Small Business 8(a) Program and six (11.1%) are to an Other Small Business custodial service contract. Outcome: Four Courses of Action (COAs) were recommended for implementation to further IMCOM's Custodial Services knowledge and start realizing cost savings based on this knowledge. A cost saving of 5.5% can be achieved if the Top 5 Installation’s contracts with the largest savings potential are reviewed and aligned with the industry benchmark upper limit. Savings could grow if the cost is brought to or below industry benchmark. These contracts must be negotiated by the servicing contract activity to meet the requirements set forth at a cost commensurate with category management practices in order to realize a cost savings potential of $10.3M.

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CIR Tips from US Army
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