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Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

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In this age of technology where a world of peers is only a tweet away, the benefits of joining these online communities carry advantages and remain relevant to acquisition and eLearning professionals. 

Membership is beneficial when it comes to strategically focused content. The following lists are some of the benefits you'll see when you join any of our 50 communities, and quickly build an effective network of peers.

  • Non-DAU Account holders and those who have a DAU ID but do not log in are considered Anonymous users.
  • DAU account holders who do sign in but are not yet a member of any community are considered Visitors
  • DAU Account holders can participate in any of the communities in one of the following three ways:


Unauthenticated User
(Not Signed in)

  • View discoverable content within each community.
  • Can view pages.
  • Cannot view documents.


Still have questions?
You can find out more by visiting the FAQs.


Authenticated User
(Signed in)

  • Create alerts.
  • View and network with Members.
  • Suggest content updates.
  • Can join multiple communities.
  • Can add comments.
  • Can participate in discussions.  



Authenticated User
(Signed in & Joined)

  •     View Library content
  •    Download content.
  •    Create alerts.
  •    View and network with members.
  •    Suggest content updates.


  •    Can join multiple communities.  
  •    Can add comments.
  •    Can participate in discussions.


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