​If you are doing a research project, want to look up when new FAR language was posted to the Federal Register, want to find a GAO case,  want to know the latest guidebook or example in source selection, want to listen to discussions on Federal News Radio, find reports from the Defense Science Board ..... you can use this helpful list of hyperlinked sites.  We have listed and described vetted, useful governmental, commercial, and educational  sites, blogs and communities.  


Resources from Defense Acquisition University and Other Educational Institutions

Acker Library Online Catalog 

Online library dedicated to the interests of the Defense Acquisition Workforce.  It provides access to licensed databases, DAU publications, professional reading lists, and research capability.


DAU's Knowledge Repository  

Easy access to scholarly studies and fact sheets in business, acquisition and specific defense programs. In addition to resources like the Harvard Business Review and ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global, there are company profiles, market research reports and even unique tools like MDAP guides that provide timely information on 155 major Defense programs



A repository of approximately 400 short articles, written by DAU Faculty, on many acquisition topics.  Each article includes links to related training and documentation.  Articles are categorized by topic name and by functional category (Business, Contracting, Engineering and Technology, Life Cycle Logistics and Program Management).  Some contracting topics include "Architect-Engineering Contracting", "Buy American Statute", "Counterfeit Parts", and "Performance Based Logistics". 


Contracting Gateway

Opening page to get you to DAU contracting course registration, access to all continuous learning modules, to Acquipedia articles, to contracting tools,  the Contracting Director's  Blog and to various communities of practice including Contracting, Cost and Pricing and Contingency.   You may be interested in other Gateways such as Small Business, Industrial/Contract Property and Program Management


The Defense Acquisition Guidebook

Provides the acquisition workforce with discretionary best practices that should be tailored to the needs of each procurement. The Guidebook is an electronic reference source that links to related information.  Chapter 10 of this Guide is Acquisition of Services that describes the principles of a successful services acquisition.


Defense AT&L Magazine

Current and previous issues of Defense AT&L magazine. Numerous acquisition articles and authors, written by people in the field to our senior leaders at the Pentagon.  


Defense Acquisition Research Journal

Current and previous issues of the quarterly released Defense Acquisition Research Journal.  Different from Defense AT&L magazine, these articles are jury reviewed and require evidence of research.  



A significant collection of tools that include guidebooks, software,  and websites with tools that are useful to the contracting professional.  The tools page also links to tools in Program Management, Budget, Logistics, and other acquisition related functions.  Below are examples of tools found at the TOOLS page. There are many, many more at the TOOL link above. 

Tool: GSA Prices Paid Tool

The tool establishes a database that provides buying agencies with transparency into the prices paid by other agencies at the task or delivery order level. The Prices Paid Tool is intended to give government contracting professionals a straightforward means to identify potential cost savings. By making the prices paid by other agencies available to government purchasers, it can help ensure the government is using its purchasing power to access the best prices possible. 

Tool: DoD Procurement Toolbox 

This site provides tools, services and training primarily for understanding and managing Government Furnished Property, Unique Identification, e-Business for procurement (EDA, WAWF,CAGE,CORT, FPDS-NG, etc)  and the Government Purchase Card. It includes the mandatory GFP form required at DFARS PGI 245.103-75.

Tool: Wage Determinations Online 

Use this website to find Service Contract Act and Davis-Bacon Act wage determinations for a specific contract action.  Also links to the Department of Labor to submit a request for a wage determination.  Also links to the Price Adjustment Calculation Tool which helps contracting officers analyze proposals for Service Contract Act price adjustments.

Tool: Contract-Awarded Labor Categories  (CALC) 

CALC lets you conduct market research on professional service labor categories.   It gives you awarded hourly ceiling rates, per labor category from GSA's IDIQ service schedules.  Great resource for building cost estimates and planning the budget.


The Contracting Education Academy at Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech is an official equivalent provider for many of DAU's acquisition training courses.  This site supports the schools acquisition training program with a search engine, articles on government contracting, notification of course offerings, and information on consulting capability.


GW Law Library Government Contracts Resources 

Law and contracts library for George Washington University. Some registration and passwords required.

Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy  (DPAP)

 DPAP Main Site 

DPAP  is responsible for all DoD contracting and procurement policy, including e-business.  This site provides recent guidebooks and current/archived policy letters associated within selected policy areas, for example "Defense Pricing", "Services Acquisition" and "Purchase Card".  This is a good place to find the FAR/DFARS/PGI and status of all the cases working through the FAR and DFARS Councils.  The DFARS is most likely to be 100% up to date and accurate at this site.


DPAP Policy Vault 

This is the "policy vault" within the DPAP (Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy) website. It is a central repository for memo's, guidance, reports and other procurement related documents. It lists documents by date of release or title.  It shows current material as well as archives of older documents.  Deviations can also be accessed from this location.


Finding and researching the Federal and Defense Regulations



Access to the Federal Acquisition Regulation. 

FAR Site 

Access to the Federal Acquisition Regulation and various supplements including DFARS/PGI, service supplements, and civilian agency supplements (DOT, DOE, etc.).  Includes a search engine that finds keywords in the regulation.

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

Great for access to the currently updated Code of Federal Regulations and to study the history of change in the regulations.  You want to select Title 48 for the FAR and DFARs.  Get into the regulation and you can see a subscript which tells you when the FAR/DFAR language was changed over the years.  It will give the FR number and date of the change. 

Locate proposed and interim rules with a link so you can submit a comment.  Also see public comments and documentation related to the proposed regulations.



This is the official website for federal legislative information. (It used to be called the Thomas Register)  Follow legislation as it is being introduced, passed through the House and Senate, sent to the President and becomes law.   Good search engine to research legislative history of procurement topics.


Congressional Research Service – OPEN CRS Reports for the People 

A site within the Library of Congress, the Congressional Research Service works for the US Congress, providing policy and legal analysis to committees and members of the House and Senate.  The CRS reports are typically written just for congressional offices, but "Open CRS" provides citizens many of the archived reports.  Just type in "contracts", "contract types", "contract pricing", etc. and you will find related legislation and research papers.  

Links to the FAR; links to many supplemental regulations including the DoD (DFARS), Department of Justice, Department of Labor, Environmental Protection Agency, etc. ; links to many business systems such as FPDS-NG, FFATA, SSRS, FBO, SAM, NAICS, etc. ; FAR archives back to 1995      


FAN in A Minute

Video's produced by GSA, in conjunction with the FAR Council, which highlight and provide brief overviews of recently issued FAR changes.  The video webpage also includes links to the appropriate FAR Alert Notices FAN(s), so viewers can read full details of the FAR changes.        


Government Accountability Office Sites


The GAO is a government agency that provides auditing, evaluation, and investigative services for the US Congress.  This site has archives of reports on key issues facing the nation, a search engine for all bid protests and a search engine on matter of appropriations law.  Other useful links on this site are listed below:

GAO Contract Appeals Board 

Narrows down GAO's search engine to only GAO Contract Appeals Board of decisions made by contracting officers.  Search relatable protest decisions with great precision.    

GAO Red Book (Federal Appropriations Law) 

Principles of Federal Appropriations Law, also known as the Red Book, provides discussion on federal fiscal law, with reference to specific legal authorities to illustrate legal principles, their application, and exceptions. These references include GAO decisions and opinions, judicial decisions, statutory provisions, and other relevant sources.

GAO Anti-Deficiency Act 

Annual reports and a search engine to research anti-deficiency act violations


Other Great Government Sites

The Acquisition Gateway 

Sponsored by GSA, this is a workspace for acquisition professionals and federal contracting specialists to connect with resources, tools and each other to improve acquisition government-wide.

Office of Federal Procurement Policy 

This website is down for now.  It is being updated by the new administration. 

Government Executive Contracting 

Articles, active discussions and search engine on everything related to the Federal, State and Local Government Workforce. 

Federal News Radio 

Federal News Radio 1500 AM and comprise the key source of breaking news, information and analysis for the individuals responsible for carrying out and supporting the missions of federal agencies.  Federal News Radio addresses federal agency managers, policy makers and contractors. Federal News Radio's coverage is non-partisan, non-political and is designed to help executives more clearly understand and make better decisions about issues affecting their agencies and their companies. Federal News Radio broadcasts live on 1500 AM throughout the Greater Metropolitan Washington area. distributes government-to-government and business-to-government news and information worldwide.         

Defense Science Board 

The Defense Science Board (DSB) is comprised of approximately 50 retired senior military, government and industry leaders who are tasked to do in-depth analysis and offer practical solutions to DoD challenges.   Their reports, with topics ranging from "Improvement to Service Contracting" to "Trends and Implications of Climate Change for National and International Security" are found on this site.

White House Presidential Actions

Updated daily, this is a repository of speeches, remarks, press briefings, executive orders, presidential memoranda, etc.  being released by the White House on the actions and activities of the President of the United States.

Defense Security Cooperation Agency Contacting Roadmap

A simple to use roadmap that guides you through the acquisition process from requirements development through contract award.  It provides short descriptions of each step and links to related guidebooks.

DoD ESI (IT Acquisition)

The site, sponsored by the DoD CIO, provides information on the DOD Enterprise Software initiative.  If you are buying commercial software, IT hardware and IT services, come to this site to find tailored training, resources, tools and to ask questions.


Sites Dedicated to Innovation, Rapid Development, and Other Transactions


Defense Innovation Market Place

A site for both industry and government users, it helps the government do searches for ongoing independent research and development projects and for companies to gain insight into DoD's research and engineering investment priorities.


Air Force Office of Transformational Innovation (OTI)

The OTI goal is to identify and execute broad sweeping changes within the AF acquisition processes to deliver better, capability, faster and cheaper.  This site addresses the Bending the Cost Curve Initiative, PlugFestPlus (PFP) approach to Open System Acquisition (OSA), and the OSA Consortium.


Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx)   

Site dedicated to the accelerating the procurement of innovative technology and to long-range research and development program. The goal is to access cutting-edge technology from nontraditional vendors, adapt to commercial best practices, lower barriers to entering the Government marketplace.  DIUx initiated an acquisition mechanism called the Commercial Solutions Opening, or CSO.    The CSO is the mechanism by which DIUx solicits solutions to problems that our warfighters are facing.


Other Great Sites Not Sponsored by the Government


National Contract Management Association 

NCMA is the leading professional contract management association.   It is dedicated to the professional growth and educational advancement of procurement and acquisition personnel worldwide.  NCMA is closely aligned with the contracting professionals within the Department of Defense and other governmental agencies.  It provides educational events; local chapters for dinner speakers and networking; an annual conference.  It offers a leadership program entitled Contract Management Leadership Development Program. It offers a professional certification program with related training and testing.  Its website posts legislative and regulatory alerts and the digital version of the monthly Contract Management Magazine. 

WIFCON   and   WIFCON Legal Content

WIFCON is a very active and useful website that promotes thoughtful discussions between acquisition professionals on everything contracting.  It hosts regular Blogs by educational leaders in the field of contracting, a legislative page, contracting news, protests categorized by FAR area, and much more.  Also available on this site is a legal page that lists relevant GAO Bid Protests and Protests at the Court of Federal Claims, several legal Blogs and various applicable links.


Acq Notes 

A  non-DoD sponsored site tailored to the aerospace industry. It provides the Aerospace community (and Government users) an easy source of DOD information, guides, templates, instructions, news, resources and community discussions page. 


The Contracting Officer Podcast

A library of over 120 podcasts (and growing) , on topics related to federal contracting.  Topics include past performance, government furnished property, performance incentives, 8(a) programs, acquisition planning, NAICS codes, clauses, subcontracting, etc.


Professional Services Council

The official website representing the government technology and professional services industry.  Lots of information about current legislative actions related to service contracts.


IBM Center for The Development of Government

Sponsored by IBM, The IBM Center helps public sector executives and managers improve the effectiveness of government with practical ideas and original thinking. It is filled with articles, blogs, and reports from both private and governmental sources.


Contract and Fiscal Law JAGcnet

Sponsored by the Army Judge Advocate General (JAG), this is an on-line library of contract and fiscal law.  It includes references such as the Contract Attorney's Deskbook and  the Fiscal Law Deskbook.

Publically accessible, searchable website on where Federal dollars are spent.  Find out how much money goes to  your state or neighborhood.  Find out how much money is distributed via contracts, grants, loan or financial assistance.


Federal Acquisition Jumpstation

Useful to contractors, the site provides links to procurement activities throughout the Federal Government and to FedBizOpps.


Defense Acquisition Management Information Retrieval

DAMIR identifies various data sources that the Acquisition community uses to manage Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP) and Major Automated Information Systems (MAIS) programs and provides a unified web-based interface through which to present that information. DAMIR is the authoritative source for Selected Acquisition Reports (SAR), SAR Baseline, Acquisition Program Baselines (APB), MAIS Annual Reports (MAR), MAIS Original Estimates (MAIS OE), and Assessments.

Defense Technical Information Center

DTIC store and disseminate the scientific, technical and engineering reports, journal articles, etc. of all DoD sponsored research and development.  DTIC has more than four million records in its collection.

Crowell and Moring Government Contracts

A private legal firm with contracting expertise, many articles on government contract matters and a useful  search engine.  

Various BLOGs

 There are some interesting Contracting Blogs out there that are worth looking at periodically as they can be a quick way to get a feel for what's going on out there in our world

Public Contracting Institute  

Contracting Officer Podcast      

FoxRoth Government Contracts

Wolters Kluwer Government Contracts  

Morrison Foerster Contracting  





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