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Are you looking for a way to broaden and increase your professional skill sets?  Do you think it would be wonderful to spend 10 months working with Industry, or 6 months working with the Defense Acquisition Regulations Council writing regulations for the DFARS, or two years working part time to earn your masters degree?   Please look below for some exciting opportunities.    




Training and experiences specific to the acquisition career fields, including contracting:

DAU Senior Service Fellowship

Sponsored by the US Army, the DAU-SSCF Program is a 10-month leadership/educational opportunity conducted at Huntsville, AL, Warren, MI and Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. It provides leadership and acquisition training to prepare Army senior level civilians for senior leadership roles such as Product and Project Managers, Program Executive Officers and other key acquisition leadership positions. All Individuals who complete the program will be awarded equivalency for the Program Managers Course (PMT 401) and an optional master's degree (depending on funding and whether the candidate already has a master's degree).  Eligible candidates much be an Army GS 14/15 or equivalent, member of the acquisition workforce or acquisition corps, have a college degree and able to obtain a secret clearance. 


National Contract Management Association Contract Management Leadership Development Program (NCMA CLMDP)  

The CLMDP is designed to help develop the next generation of acquisition and NCMA leaders through an intensive year-long educational experience.   Any NCMA member is eligible but the desired candidate has 4-8 years of contracting experience, has a bachelor's degree or higher, and is a top performer with high potential for advancement.   Participants must attend three in-residence training events, several individual and group assignments, communicate with their mentors and complete a research paper.  There is no cost to the participants, except travel.


NCMA Certification

National Contract Management Association is a professional organization dedicated to the profession of contract management. It includes both government and private sector professionals.  The Federal Government, especially the Department of Defense, recognizes NCMA as the primary professional organization for its contracting personnel.  NCMA offers three certification programs – CPCM, CFCM and CCCM that each require completion of standards of experience, education, training and knowledge.  Each certification requires the passing of an exam testing knowledge of the contract management competencies.  There is a fee associated with the exams, certification prep-courses and certification.


Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP) Acquisition Exchange Program

Three to twelve months of experience working for DPAP doing hands-on work  such as writing contract policy, writing FAR and DFARS language, answering questions from Congress and the GAO, working on the development and maintenance of  contracting e-business systems etc.  The assigned projects offer successful candidates an opportunity to enhance their acquisition and senior-level policymaking skills, develop their managerial and leadership skills, and prepare for future positions within the acquisition community.


Eisenhower School Senior Acquisition Course

This program is provided by the National Defense University.  The course is designed to prepare selected military officers and civilians (GS-14 and above or equivalent) for senior leadership and staff positions throughout the acquisition community. Senior Acquisition Course students are fully integrated as part of the school's student body a mix of war fighters, operators and joint specialists; plus support, diplomatic and federal agency personnel; international fellows; and representatives of American industry. Students completing the course receive both the Eisenhower School Master's degree and a diploma from Defense Acquisition University. This is a 10 month course held at Fort McNair, DC.


Air Force Education With Industry (EWI)  

The Education with Industry (EWI) program is a highly selective, competitive non-degree educational assignment within a commercial industry related to the student's career field. For civilian students (GS -11 through 13) the assignments take place in the local area where they currently work; For military (Captains and Majors) this is usually a PCS move. This program is only open to individuals in the Civil Engineer, Communication and Information, Contracting, Financial Management, Force Support (Manpower only), Intelligence, Logistics, Operations, Program Management, Public Affairs and Scientist and Engineer career field.  This is a full-time, 10 month program.


Army Training With Industry (TWI) 

Open to only military, the Army Training with Industry program  exposes soldiers in the acquisition, logistics, marketing, public affairs, artificial intelligence, physical security and finance career fields to innovative industrial management practices, techniques, procedures, etc, which have benefit for the Army.  The program is full-time, 6 -12 months.


Naval Postgraduate School Master of Science in Contract Management

This program is provided by the Naval Postgraduate School. It is designed to provide DoD civilians and advanced education in the concepts, methodologies, and analytical techniques necessary for successful management of acquisition and contracting within complex organizations.  The is a two year on-line course open to GS 12/13 or equivalent.  You will earn DAWIA level III equivalency for Contracting and Level II for Program Management, along with a master's degree in contracting.  The Naval Postgraduate School also offer resident  programs and other degree's, so take a look.  


4th Estate Talent Management Initiatives 

This site is provides training opportunities for career development of 4th estate acquisition employees.  It includes information on rotational assignments, classroom courses and leadership development programs. (4th estate covers employees not in the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines, such as DCMA, DCAA, DLA and WHS) 


Leadership Training and Opportunities:

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Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program

Sponsored by the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisor Service (DCPAS), and offered to GS-7 through GS12/equivalent civilians from the Human Resources, Financial Management and Acquisition communities, the Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program (DCELP) was created to recruit and develop the next generation of innovative leaders who possess the technical competence to meet the future leadership needs of the DoD.  Leadership is developed inside and outside of the classroom. Learning is pursued through community-based courses of instruction, guest speakers, group projects, mentoring, and simulations. This is a full time program, located in Southbridge MA and lasts for six months.    

Executive Leadership Development Program

Sponsored by the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisor Service (DCPAS) and offered to GS-12 through GS-14/equivalent civilians, active duty military O-3 and O-4 officers, and Interagency partners, the ELDP programs ELDP combines hands-on/experiential military training to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the mission of the warfighter and the national security environment. The program is 10-months long and includes approximately 65 training days over the length of the program with participants returning to home stations in between temporary duty (TDY) events. The training may also include physical activities and foreign travel.


Defense Senior Leader Development Program

Sponsored by OSD, DSLDP is a structured program to develop senior civilian leaders with the potential and desire to serve at the Senior Executive Service level to excel in the  joint, interagency, and multi-national environment. Applicants must be a GS 15/equivalent civilian or GS 14/equivalent with tremendous advancement potential (i.e. demonstrated work at the next higher level) with a minimum of 1 year supervisory or management experience acquired within the last 5 years. The program features hands-on involvement with current defense and other public sector executives and appointees, along with noted experts from top ranking universities and the private sector. Participants work together and learn from each other as they tackle real-life challenges as a joint cohort. Participants also benefit by working closely in a one-on-one relationship with a current DoD senior executive, as well as executive coaches, throughout their DSLDP experience. The program includes in-residence attendance at a Senior Service School for approximately one year; Completion of all elements of the program is approximately 28 months.


White House Leadership Development Program (Awaiting update for Trump Administration)

This program is provided by the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS). Through the White House Leadership Development (WHLD) Program, the Administration is focused on developing and unlocking the full potential of the Federal workforce to drive greater effectiveness and efficiency within government and better harness taxpayer resources. It will provide a unique growth opportunity focused on developing high-potential career GS-15s, SES candidates and equivalents poised to enter the next generation of career senior executives. Participants will work on the Federal government's highest priority and highest impact challenges that require the coordination of multiple Federal agencies to succeed.  The program lasts for 1 year.


Federal Executive Institute

Sponsored by OPM, FEI's programs are designed to help executives perform more effectively.  The program is designed for Senior Executive Service and GS-15 employees. Training at the FEI, in Charlottesville VA is part of OPM's Center for Leadership Development program.


Federal Leadership Development Programs

Sponsored by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), this search engine helps you find development programs in all agencies, including the agencies within the Department of Defense.  Load your interests and grade and the search engine provides information on various leadership programs within the Air Force, Army, Navy, DCMA and NCMA. 


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