** The Section 809 panel, chaired by Deidre Lee,  released Volume 1 of 3 of it report to Congress, "Report of the Advisory Panel on Streamlining and Dodifying Acquisition Regulations".  The Section 809 Panel's objective is to recommend ways to streamline the acquisition process to enable DoD to more consistently buy what it needs in a timely and  cost-effective manner.   Read the report and learn how to contrribute at  https://section809panel.org/

** On 7 December 2017, in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, The Honorable Ellen M. Lord, USD (AT&L), identified several initiatives to reduce acquisition lead time by 50%, while significantly reducing acquisition costs. One such initiative is the Sole Source Streamlined (SSS) Toolbox hosted on the DAU Tools Page at  https://www.dau.edu/tools#All|All|Show All|recent|  For more information, contact the Learning Director for Contract Cost, Price, and Finance, Dr. Renee Butler, at renee.butler@dau.mil, or 937-781-1041; or, the Learning Asset Manager, Professor Christy Watts, at christy.watts@dau.mil, or 937-781-1053.

**​Is your organization thinking about using Other Transactions? Or maybe you already use this innovative contracting process for development of new weapon system prototypes.  DoD has just released a new "Other Transactions Guide for Prototype Projects" , Jan 2017, and has released a report to Congress on the "Assessment of Cost-Sharing in Other Transactions Agreements for Prototype Projects, March 2017.  Link to these documents

** Please plan to attend the DAU Alumni Association Annula Training Symposium on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.  The Honorable Ellen Lord, USD (A&S) is going to present "Restructuring the DoD Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Organization, and Chief Management Organization.  There will also be presentations on Other Transactions, Source Selection including VATEP and DoD Sole Source Streamlining Tools.  Get details and register at https://dauaa.org/

**Are you aware of the new DOD Instruction on Services Acquisition, dated January 2016?  DODI 5000.74

 - establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, and provides procedures for defining, assessing, reviewing, and validating requirements for the acquisition of services

 - establishes a simplified and flexible management framework for translating services requirements into stable, efficient, and effective acquisitions

 - authorizes services Decision Authorities consistent with statutory and regulatory requirements for the acquisitions of services, to tailor the procedures in this instruction to best achieve cost, schedule, and performance objectives

** Speaking of Services Acquisition, the Market Research Report Guide for Improving the Tradecraft in Services Acquisition was released in March 2017.



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