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Picture Placeholder: HUMZA BASHIR
410/16/2020 10:31 AM

Good morning

Is there a virtual web based version of this course available? I am having trouble absorbing the information using the self-development course online.


HUMZA BASHIR10/20/2020 10:56 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: ADAM TREEN
28/31/2020 8:09 AM

​For those in Army--the frequency of COR Status reports is a default of monthly. Do you have any documentation that states the status reports MUST be monthly?

HAROLD MCALDUFF10/16/2020 2:56 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ADAM GARCIA
19/17/2020 1:32 PM

I have completed all my COR training requirements/courses and and one of them was the CLC 222 COR Online Course which consisted of several modules and slides in each.  Is there a way to obtain an electronic copy of all the slides of this training so that I can easily reference back to?

CINDY BAKER9/17/2020 4:53 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ANDREW LAYMAN
711/4/2018 9:26 AM


I just became COR on a number of service lines for a LOGCAP administered Base Life Support contract in a contingency environment in the Middle East.  The CORs for LOGCAP are provided the Performance Work Statement, Technical Exhibits, and the QASP, and are directed to use a LOGCAP developed "Checklist" - which is very basic - to conduct oversight of the contractor's performance. CORs are not provided a copy of the contract.

I met with the Administrative Contracting Officer for the contract, and I suggested to him that I will require the contract and all the mods to properly perform my duties. He was resistant to my request and the conversation led me to believe that I will not be provided a copy of the base contract, all mods, etc.

All my DAU COR training, the Contingency COR handbook, and the organization I work for all clearly state that I have to be very familiar with the contract and mods (not just the PWS) to allow me to perform adequate oversight of the contractors performance.

I am meeting again tomorrow with the ACO to explain my position again, and to make a more formal verbal request for the base contract and all the mods. I will follow this request up in writing, if need be, following the meeting.

I would like to get the forums opinion here as to whether or not a COR's duties can be adequately performed without the contract and mods. Could I, as COR, be liable under an IG audit for clauses or changes to scope of the contract that I was never aware of?

Thanks for any input provided!

DAVID DOTSON9/15/2020 1:54 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ROBERT LYNN
311/15/2017 11:27 AM

​Has anyone seen a good COR battle rythm? I'm basically looking for a battle rythm that highlights the tasks required of a COR broken down by month. Since most COR's are there as a secondary duty, a good BR should help the community plan ahead and help prevent last minute work efforts. 

DAVID DOTSON9/15/2020 1:45 PMNo

DAVID DOTSONModerator/Editor 
CINDY BAKERModerator/Editor 
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