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  This website is for all members of the COR community, to include CORs, program managers, contracting officers, contract specialists, COR supervisors, and Quality Assurance personnel such as COR Coordinators and Quality Assurance Program Coordinators. 

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Picture Placeholder: JUAN DELGADO
16/29/2022 12:35 PM

​Im seeking information on the possible conflict of interests or being within the food chain for the contractor's ending results.I am being asked to managed/operate/train a program for the contractors, that i am a  COR of, as they act as users.  Is there training on here that talks about conflict of interests, or effecting the contractor's activities. 

DAVID DOTSON6/29/2022 3:49 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Erica Wilson Moore
  • Erica Wilson Moore
24/20/2022 1:51 PM

​I am trying to find any referance relating to signature requirements for QASP not just recomendations for signature but actual requirements.  Is there a specific requirement for the COR, Contracting Officer or anyone else to sign the QASP.  Thanks to all in advance.

Picture Placeholder: ZUN LIN
55/20/2022 1:50 PM

A contracting officer requires my office to draft a subcontracting plan template to issue with a task order RFP. The KO stated that since the acquisition is over $750K and going unrestricted, the template is required for the  acquisition requirements package. The KO further noted that it's a statutory requirement, and the program office must provide the template for the RFP, and the template shall cover all elements in FAR clause 52.219-9. The KO referenced FAR 19.702 as the authority for my office to provide the subcontracting plan template. In the past, other KOs supporting my office have never asked for a template. We provided Small Business goal percentages only. Are there recent updates to regulations, DoD, or Army policy driving this new requirement for the program office to provide a subcontracting plan template for the RFP? Thank you.

ZUN LIN5/23/2022 7:55 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: AARON ARCE
23/24/2022 2:05 PM

I have a question we have a Navy contract with two sites and a marine corps site. Last night the KO said he was changing my site from myself as the COR, to have the COR out of Cherry Point, NC (GS-13) and making me the TPOC. I was reading and they are synonymous roles. Currently the program office wants to make their GS-13 swapping me to the TPOC, but TPOC isn't in the PWS or contract? Can this be done and if so what responsibilies and duties does the TPOC have if there is nothing written in the contract? 

There is a little more I never submitted my nomination because we were supposed to swap to a new contract and it got protest and they op'ed to stay with the current contractor via a bridge and I never did a COR nomination, but had been doing the job.  

dau03136876635/3/2022 12:43 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: DOUGLAS MENSEN
412/15/2021 2:57 PM

 I understand "The Government does not provide training to contractors. Contractors must ensure that any personnel performing under a contract are fully trained, licensed, certified, and otherwise qualified to provide services."  That makes sense for commercial and industry certifications such as CISSP, CompTIA Security +, CPR, etc.

What about "Army" training that is only available to current on board contractors?  How can we require them to complete training, such as Combat Life Saver, DoD Cyber Awareness, or Army Basic Instructor Course, without actually providing the training?

dau03136876635/3/2022 12:27 PMNo

Cindy BakerModerator/Editor 
David DotsonModerator/Editor 
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