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COR Management

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Welcome to the COR Management information page that is for personnel 
who manage CORs and COR programs.

Best Practices

Annual CPARS Training

The DFAS COR Coordinator, Mr. Tim Whitman, also serves as the CPARS Focal Point for DFAS CORs. Every summer, he provides training specific to CPARS to help CORs with understanding the CPARS process and quality narrative writing. This has led to an increase of compliance with CPARS reporting and serves as a best practice.

COR Recognition

Quality Assurance Program Coordinator (QAPC) Ms. Toya Latimore originally created an annual award for CORs at Beale AFB and started an award program at Travis AFB. If you are interested in starting an award program at your location for CORs who are stellar performers, contact Ms. Latimore at [email protected]