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COR Training



Initial Training

Learning Opportunity Description

CLC 106 COR with a Mission Focus
Initial training required for Type A CORs

CLC 222 COR Online Training   
Initial Training required for Types B and C CORs

DoD 0020 CTIP for Acquisition & Contracting 
Initial Training required for all CORs

CORs in a Contingency Environment
Required when applicable

Refresher Training

Learning Opportunity Description

DoD 0020 CTIP for Acquisition & Contracting
Refresher Training required every 3 years for all CORs.

COR Office Hours
Recommended weekly live event series that connects the COR community to people, ideas, resources, and information.

Government Property Matters
Recommended monthly live event series that helps DoD professionals better understand Government property requirements in relation to DoD acquisitions. 

WSC 027 Virtual Augmentation Workshop for the COR Course CLC 222  
Recommended for CORs and provides ten hours of refresher training.

ACQ 265 and ACQ 305

Recommended for CORs who work service contracts.

DAU Open Enrollment Workshops
Recommended to provide refresher training for the individual COR.

ACQ 0061 IGCE for Services
Recommended to learn about government estimates.

CON 0150 Category Management Overview
Recommended to learn about the world of category management.

Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) training opportunities
Recommended for training opportunities at the federal level. Sign up for email updates at https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/USFAI/subscriber/new

How Do I?

  Complete cost voucher reviews:  https://media.dau.edu/media/t/1_w9mrn3z3
  Use GSA's IGCE Tool:  https://media.dau.edu/media/t/1_q285704z