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DMSMS Knowledge Sharing Portal

The DMSMS Knowledge Sharing Portal (DKSP) is focused on being a non-biased one-stop provider of DMSMS related information, resources and material to empower the Department of Defense (DoD) community, both Organic and Industrial, to implement best practices for monitoring, tracking, resolving, and performing analytical logistic and engineering analysis related to obsolescence impacts.

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Feed / DMSMS Knowledge Sharing Portal

SD-22 DMSMS Guidebook, May 2022
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This May 2022 edition of the SD-22 "Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages: A Guidebook of Best Practices for Implementing a Robust DMSMS Management Program" supports DoDI 4245.15 DMSMS policy. It also provides best practices for implementing an effective Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) management program throughout the entire life cycle of a system.

SD-22 DMSMS Guidebook SD-22 DMSMS Guidebook.pdf
SD-26 DMSMS and Parts Management Contracting Guide, June 2023
View Document

This guide contains details on what contract requirements to consider as a function of the responsibilities assigned to the contractor throughout a weapon system’s life cycle. Illustrative requirements language is provided along with the associated Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRLs) and Data Item Descriptions (DIDs).

SD-26 DMSMS and Parts Management Contracting Guide, June 2023 SD-26 DMSMS and Parts Management Contracting Guide, June 2023.pdf
SD-19 Parts Management Guide, December 2023
View Document

The Department of Defense (DoD) Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF) establishes a set of acquisition pathways that are designed to allow for tailored strategies that support the delivery of better solutions and capabilities faster. The AAF approach emphasizes transparency, speed of delivery, continuous adaptation, and frequent modular upgrades.

This change in how the DoD approaches system development requires program managers, system engineers, product support managers, and contractors to design tailorable parts management approaches, including engineering design considerations, that align with the specific acquisition pathway selected. Engineering design considerations include traditional design, system security engineering, and supply chain risk management.

This publication is intended to be used by government acquisition activities and defense contractors. The document provides government and industry managers guidance to support achieving a more disciplined and integrated parts management approach. The parts management approach ensures that acquisition activities and defense contractors meet system requirements and balance the costs and risk of selection considerations for DoD programs.

This version of the SD-19 document updates the December 2013 version, and it introduces a new parts management paradigm and vision that are achieved by increasing the level of discipline applied in program office part selection oversight by emphasizing and applying best practices found in MILSTD-11991—General Standard for Parts, Materials, and Processes—and the SD-26—DMSMS and Parts Management Contracting Guide. The new paradigm also relies on collecting and analyzing records on parts selection oversight activities and their effects on cost, schedule, and performance; and, obtaining part selection data and using tools to analyze the data in support of best practices.

SD-19 Parts Management Guide SD-19 Parts Management Guide, December 2023.pdf
Systems Engineering Guidebook, February 2022
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The Systems Engineering Guidebook provides guidance and recommended best practices for defense acquisition programs.

Systems Engineering Guidebook, February 2022.pdf

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