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Dec 22
2022 Year in Review - Happy Holidays!!!


Before writing this end-of-year message, I reflected on what I said last year in my 2021 message. The following stood out to me: "All of the success we have had in improving the practice of DMSMS and Parts Management is due entirely to you and it has positioned us for some big achievements in 2022." I am pleased to report that my predictions for big achievements have been realized. The progress we made in 2022, which I describe below, could not have been achieved without your amazing support and in 2023, I hope that level of support will continue in a way that exceeds everyone's expectations.


We've started to work ourselves out of the constraints imposed by the pandemic. While we haven't had an in-person working group meeting yet, we did organize an extremely successful in-person Parts and Material Management Conference (PMMC) in Aurora, Colorado. The separation of our event from the Defense Manufacturing Conference appears to have been an overall plus. While we may have lost some potential opportunity for synergies, an independent conference allowed us to avoid the risk of having  our activities diluted so we can concentrate on our most important concerns. I am excited to gather together again in February for the 2023 Conference in Savannah, Georgia ( In the new year, I also look forward to planning a July (11-13th) Government-Industry, in-person Working Group meeting. Our virtual, government-only Working Group meeting in December was terrific and I would like to thank the Component leads for sharing baseline data on DMSMS activities, but I can't wait to experience the energy and important networking of an in-person Working Group meeting.


Last year I told you how DMSMS and Parts Management activities received a significant boost in visibility and resources due to a collaboration with the Defense Microelectronics Cross-Functional Team (DMCFT). The benefits of this collaboration have been spectacular!!  A five-year development effort for the Enterprise Parts Management System (EPMS) was fully funded. The EPMS will enable us to better forecast and manage DMSMS issues and it will allow supply chain risk considerations to be more effectively used in parts selection. The details of EPMS requirements will be established in 2023.


But that's not all!  It's time for a happy dance!!!!!! For the first time ever, beginning in 2024, resources will be programmed for my office's DMSMS and Parts Management efforts. I won't have to stand around with a tin cup any more. We will soon be in a much better position to pursue all of our strategic objectives.


Significant achievements have also been made in the Policy and Guidance arena:


  • DoD Manual 4245.15, Management of Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages, was finally issued ( The Manual contains additional mandatory procedures for implementing the DMSMS Instruction and formally establishes the working group through the publication of its charter. While nearly all of the Manual's procedures are aligned with the SD-22 guidance, the Manual also promulgates recordkeeping policy that will lead to a much better understanding of DMSMS activities throughout the Department, which will consequently provide a basis for further policy and guidance based on the data-supported needs in the field.


  • Important updates were incorporated into the May, 2022 version of the SD-22 ( One significant expansion of the material focuses on selecting the preferred resolution, which includes the interactions among the DMSMS management community, modification planning, and roadmaps. The update replaced the development of a new item or source resolution type with three better defined resolution categories (development of a new source, design refreshment, and redevelop the item).


  • 2022 was a great year for international collaboration with France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. There was an international panel at the last PMMC, the US attended and presented at an IIOM meeting in Germany, and we are collaborating on a DMSMS management book to be published in France.


  • Finally, 2022 was a banner year for Parts Management. We were originally planning to publish updated versions of the SD-19 and the SD-26. But after thinking about the subjects for a while, we realized that a paradigm shift is needed from the primarily laissez faire approach that many Program Offices take. We therefore have conceptualized a new Parts Management oversight framework for Government and Industry and are planning to capture that in the updated SDs.  Plans are also in the works to cancel MIL-STD-3018 and replace it with an updated MIL-STD-11991A. An updated version of the SD-23, the Department of Defense Item Reduction Program, has also been published.


I hope you have the best ever holiday season and my warmest hope for a wonderful New Year!!


Robin Brown

OSD DMSMS and Parts Management Program Manager

OUSD(R&E) - Systems Engineering/Architecture

OUSD(A&S/R&E) Defense µElectronics Cross Functional Team (DMCFT)

Defense Standardization Program Office



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