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Dec 16
2019 Year in Review - Happy Holidays!

Dear Team –

The holiday season brings thoughts of joy and gratitude, and there's no better time to express my thanks and sincere appreciation for your amazing hard work and dedication. Reflecting on the year, it's clear to see how hard you've worked. Your drive and determination helped us to get where we are today and I couldn't have done it without you.

2019 was a very fruitful year for achievements by the DMSMS and Parts Management communities that ended on a high note with a very successful DMSMS Symposium on Strengthening Parts and DMSMS Management to Improve Readiness and Affordability. We also combined the Parts Management and DMSMS Working Groups and successfully conducted our first joint meeting in September with participants from both Government and Industry. This offers significant advantages in that parts selection and management during design is now fully integrated with DMSMS and obsolescence management.

Our accomplishments fall into three major categories—funding DMSMS resolutions, improving DMSMS management effectiveness and efficiency, and issuing new policy and guidance. Contributions in each of these areas have a direct impact on the warfighter in that they improve operational availability and reduce cost.

In the area of securing funding for DMSMS resolutions, descriptions were published of the ways in which the Army, Air Force, and Defense working capital funds (WCFs) can be used to finance DMSMS resolutions. In addition, the legal basis for using WCFs in this manner was documented. Finally, clarifications were recommended for ambiguities in DoD's Financial Management Regulation on funding the non-recurring engineering and testing on resolutions for systems in sustainment.

In terms of increased efficiency and effectiveness, a major report on DMSMS record keeping and metrics was published. That effort gave detailed examples of how the entire chain of command could use data to improve DMSMS management. A second, very impactful event was the dissemination of a new contracting standardization document (SD-26) that provides sample contract language, guidance on when to use that language, and associated data item deliverables and contract data requirements lists. In addition, new training was developed on the DMSMS management plan, software obsolescence, and component research. Furthermore, a standardized DMSMS and parts management training/certification program was initiated. Efforts involving the Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) to enable cooperation in resolving issues among different DoD organizations have also begun. Finally, instructions were issued on how to construct bills of material if they were not included as contract requirements.

In the policy arena, a new DOD Instruction and Manual on DMSMS management have been drafted; the coordination process is imminent. DMSMS guidance in the SD-22 is also being rewritten.

This information can be found on our DAU websites: DMSMS Knowledge Sharing Portal (DKSP) ( or our new Parts Management Knowledge Sharing Portal (PMKSP) (

All of the above contributions have been the result of outstanding team effort. Thank you so much for everything you do to make us so successful.

Wishing you warm greetings for a happy and healthy holiday season.

Best wishes to you and your family for a prosperous New Year! 


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