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Nov 20
DoD DMSMS Management Instruction (DoDI 4245.15) is PUBLISHED!

I am ecstatic to announce that the new DoD DMSMS management policy is now in effect! On, November 5, 2020, The Honorable Ellen Lord, signed DoD DMSMS Management Instruction DoDI 4245.15 promulgating comprehensive DMSMS management regulations. Per the Instruction, it is DoD policy to:

  • Establish and implement risk-based, proactive DMSMS management throughout the life cycle of all DoD items.
  • Evaluate all DoD system designs and redesigns for potential DMSMS issues that could arise during the life cycle of DoD items.
  • Implement resolutions, if necessary, to minimize or eliminate risks and negative impacts (e.g., cost, schedule delays, readiness) resulting from DMSMS issues throughout the life cycle of DoD items.
  • Implement improvements to DMSMS management processes throughout the life cycle of all DoD items across the DoD enterprise.

Key highlights include:

  • Designating the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment as the principal for DMSMS management within DoD
  • Requiring the Defense Contract Management Agency to develop and implement a surveillance process to report the performance of contractors' DMSMS management activities and identify risks to DoD customers as authorized by contract
  • Directing Component Heads to establish DMSMS management metrics and internal reporting requirements to reduce cost and improve efficiency
  • Mandating that Program Offices and other DMSMS performing organizations develop and maintain a DMSMS Management Plan to document proactive, risk-based DMSMS management processes

I will be hosting a DoDI 4245.AA DMSMS Management virtual Town Hall ,Hosted by George Mason University ON December 2 from 1130am to 1pm (EST) to discuss the new DoDI and its implications for the entire government contracting community, and to answer any questions you may have – hope you can join us!

Please Register here:  DoDI 4245.15 TOWN HALL REGISTRATION

Download DoDI 4245.15 here - DoDI 4245.15 Download


For more information to help you meet the requirements of this policy please see below:

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