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This area of the DMSMS community provides information on resources that can assist in identification, cataloging, technical & risk assessment, solution determination, reporting, and metrics of issues related to DMSMS.

There are a number of activities with links to web sites that provide guidance on mitigation of DMSMS issues. There are links to commercial and government tools that permit cost effective ways to assess & resolve DMSMS-related issues. Inclusion in this list does not constitute a Government endorsement of a tool.  Although many of these tools have been used by many organizations for many years, it is the responsibility of the user to determine the accuracy and validity of the output of a software tool.

Additionally, The DAU Tools Catalog can provide additional tools. To locate DMSMS Related tools, set filter for "Diminishing Manufacturing Sources & Material Shortages (DMSMS)".

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The purpose of this guidebook is to assist DoD program offices in preparing DMSMS provisions in contracts by providing representative contract language for various aspects of DMSMS management, depending on circumstances, such as the acquisition phase in which the program resides and its DMSMS management goals.

Contract LanguageSD-26 DMSMS Contract Language Guidebook

The Software Version Description (SVD) identifies and describes a software version consisting of one or more Computer Software Configuration Items (CSCIs). It is used to release, track, and control software versions. The term "version" may be applied to the initial release of the software, to a subsequent release of that software, or to one of multiple forms of the software released at approximately the same time (for example, to different sites).

Contract LanguageDI-IPSC-81442A Software Version Description

​The Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) Management Plan shall document the processes used by the contractor to implement a proactive DMSMS Management Process. The plan will enable the identification, forecasting and management of piece part obsolescence impacts and mitigations as a part of the Department of Defense (DoD) Program Managers’ Total System Life Cycle Management responsibilities and identify how application of cross platform commonality can reduce DMSMS issues.

Contract Language DI-MGMT-81948 - DMSMS Management Plan

​The DMSMS Health Assessment Report will be used to develop an understanding of the health of the system and subsystems being reported. It will also aid in determining the scope of DMSMS issues within systems and subsystems and will aid in determining optimal mitigation strategies.

Contract LanguageDI-MGMT-82273 - DMSMS Health Assessment Report

​Data delivered using this Data Item Description (DID) will be used to support DMSMS management activities. Those activities may require collecting Bill of Materials, DMSMS notifications, DMSMS case data, DMSMS health information, DMSMS cost and budgeting information, and DMSMS case mitigation data as a part of the Department of Defense's (DoD) Total System Life Cycle Management responsibilities

Contract LanguageDI-MGMT-82274 DMSMS Life Cycle Management Data

Data delivered using this Data Item Description (DID) is used to support reporting on DMSMS management activities as a part of the Governments' Total System Life Cycle Management responsibilities.

Contract LanguageDI-MGMT-82275 - DMSMS Metrics Data

​Data delivered using this Data Item Description (DID) will be used to assess program risk when transitioning DMSMS operations and management to the Government.

Contract LanguageDI-MGMT-82276 - DMSMS Operations Transfer Plan

The DMSMS Subcontractor Health Report is used to ensure DMSMS management capabilities are embedded within the contractor's subcontractors.

This DID contains the format, content, and intended use information for the data deliverable resulting from the work task described in the solicitation.

Contract LanguageDI-MGMT-82277 - DMSMS Subcontractor Health Report

A technical report provides fully documented results of studies or analysis performed. - to be used with 10-Year Rolling Technology Refresh Plan

Contract LanguageDI-MISC-80508B Technical Report-Study or Services

Technical Data Package contains a technical description of an item suitable for use as the basis for competitive acquisition, production, installation, modification, engineering support, maintenance and logistics support of military material developed by of for the Department of Defense.. The description defines the required design configuration or performance requirements, and procedures required to ensure adequacy of item performance. It consists of applicable technical data such as models, drawings, associated lists, specifications, standards, performance requirements, quality assurance provisions, software and memory device documentation and packaging details.

Contract LanguageDI-SESS-80776A Technical Data Package

Logistics Product Data (LPD) comprises the support and support-related engineering and logistics data acquired from contractors generated as a result of the product support analysis conducted during the design, development, and initial fielding of a system or end item that the requiring authority needs to develop their internal materiel management processes. This includes data for maintenance planning, logistics design requirements, reliability and maintainability, system safety, maintenance engineering, support and test equipment, training and training devices, manpower and skills, facilities, transportation, supply support, parts packaging, initial provisioning, cataloging, item management and in-service feedback.

Contract LanguageDI-SESS-81758A Logistics Product Data

This Data Item Description (DID) contains the format and content preparation instructions for the data product generated by the specific and discrete task requirement as delineated in the contract.

Contract LanguageDI-SESS-81830 AS Built Configuration List - Common (ABCL-C)
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