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Picture Placeholder: dau0811200248
  • dau0811200248
29/30/2022 1:55 PM

Good afternoon,

I am looking for anyone who can tell me, is it possible to forecast DMSMS/Obsolescence without hiring or contracting out an entity that has a sotware program to do so? I am trying to see if we at the PM can start forecasting, without having to bring on an outside agency to pull reports for us!

I also am interested in joining the DoD WG Team Page, but I cannot find the area to register here. 

dau032600007810/5/2022 4:05 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: GRANT KORTE
18/24/2022 11:35 AM
 Good day all, 

After looking through the SD-26 the SAE-STD-0016 DMSMS Management plan is called out a few times. When trying to find the SAE-STD-0016, all we can come up with is a pay site to view and download it. ( included) Is this available for download within DAU for viewing. The link within the tools/documents area takes you to the site and ask for purchase. 

Very Respectully,

Grant Korte
DAVID GREINKE8/29/2022 4:18 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: GRANT KORTE
28/8/2022 7:38 AM

Good day,

We are currently putting a DMSMS team together and I am seeking advice in regard to what qualifications our team should have. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

The team is currently working on the following:
PM Lvl 1
PM Lvl 2
LCL Lvl 1
LCL Lvl 2
CLCL 014

Very Respectfully,

Grant Korte

DAVID GREINKE8/8/2022 2:14 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: BRIAN MELVIN
22/10/2022 10:26 AM

I am looking for a simple, 1 page, survey to send out to OEMs to capture their lifecycle intent on parts.​  Questions like: is the part at the end of it's lifecycle, how much longer does the OEM plan on manufacturing the part, etc.

Does anyone have one they would be willing to share?


dau212520002763/25/2022 7:56 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: GRANT KORTE
19/14/2021 10:14 AM

​Good day all, 

I am currently building a DMS/MS program. We are developing Lexicon to use throughout the Coast Guard to hopefully build a standard framework. What I am requesting the community possibly help me with is vetting what I have developed. During my DAU training, I have found these terms but as I developed these terms, I have not been able to find the reference.

The terms are below:

 OEM End of Production -  A part of a larger system that is no longer manufactured by the original manufacturer. ​

End of life (EOL) or End of sale (EOS) / End of Production​
Original manufacturers typically begin issuing updates regarding EOL in year 5. The original manufacturer will no longer be producing or selling this product, but third-party maintenance is available for most products.

OEM End Of Support Date –  ​OEM has identified as the date they will no longer support the Product​ 
When the OEM will no longer provide repair services, repair parts, firmware or software updates, cybersecurity patches, etc.​
End of service life or End of support EOSL / End OEM of Support Date​: At this point, the original manufacturer will start to issue EOSL updates. It may also stop issuing support. Now, the product is no longer sold by the manufacturer at all, there will be no more OS updates, and they do not renew support agreements.

Govt Defined Obsolete Part/System – ​
Most often occurs sometime after the OEM EOS Date, when the Government is unable to (afford to) ​
ensure the Product meets Operational Availability (AO), Reliability, or Maintainability requirements;​
A determination that the Product can no longer meet Operational, Functional and Non-functional Requirements: Interoperability, Compatibility (Interface), Security, Performance (bandwidth), etc.; ​
When the Government can no longer to afford to support the Product to meet AO or other Operational Requirements (e.g., RFDS PCBs increased 10x (from $4K to $46K), rendering it unaffordable to sustain).​​

When the LTB (Life Time Buy) the process for purchasing discontinued Components or Products (i.e., those no longer available from Flextronics, a Component Supplier or any other distribution channel) to span Product Life or Support Life requirements, as applicable, for that Component or Product

Thank you all.

Very Respectfully,


Alexandria Levin9/16/2021 4:15 PMNo

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Robin Brown


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