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Industry Policy

Lead-free Statement of Work SOW Example.aspx
Reference10/10/2017 9:34 AM
SAE-AS5553 Counterfeit Electronic Parts Avoidance Detection Mitigation and Disposition DoD Adoption Notice.aspx
Reference10/10/2017 9:13 AM
SAE AS5553B Counterfeit Electronic Parts Avoidance Detection Mitigation and Disposition.aspx
Reference10/10/2017 9:07 AM
Non-Government Standards and Handbooks applicable to Lead-free TechAmerica - GEIA.aspx
Reference1/6/2016 4:12 PM
TechAmerica EIA-933 Standard for Preparing a COTS Management Plan December 2002.aspx
Reference1/5/2016 8:43 PM
TechAmerica GEIAHB00051 Program Management  Systems Engineering Guidelines for Managing the Transition to LeadFree Electron.aspx
Reference1/5/2016 8:20 PM
TechAmerica GEIA-STD-0005-1 Performance Standard for Aerospace and High Performance Electronic Systems.aspx
Reference1/5/2016 8:18 PM
GEB-1 DMSMS Management Practices.aspx
Reference1/5/2016 12:53 AM
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