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DMSMS Achievement Awards

DMSMS Achievement Awards History

The DMSMS achievement awards recognize individuals and teams from the government who are most responsible for significant achievements in proactive DMSMS management and implementation. The awards are based on achievements in the following areas:

  • Exceptional DMSMS management
  • Significantly improved and quantifiable readiness levels
  • Substantial cost avoidance
  • Exceptional warfighter support related to or realized through mitigation of a DMSMS issue
  • Creation or implementation of a DMSMS best practice that increases supportability and availability of systems to the warfighter

Lifetime Achievement Award

Team Achievement Award

Individual Achievement Award

Champion Award

Special Recognition Award

  • 2012 – Mr. Louis A. Redding, Naval Sea Systems Command 
  • 2012 – Mr. Thomas R. Sharpe, SMT Corporation 
  • 2011 – Ms. Nova Carden, Naval Surface Warfare Center - Crane 
  • 2011 – Mr. Eric DeBolt, Army Material Command 
  • 2011 – Ms. Marla Medders, Army Material Command 2011 – Mr. Daniel DiMase, Honeywell International, Inc. 
  • 2009 – Mr. Henry Livingston, BAE Systems 
  • 2009 – Counterfeit Electronics Assessment Team, U.S. Department of Commerce 
  • 2008 – Ms. Kelly Gibson, U.S. Marine Corps 
  • 2008 – DMSMS Training Development Team, Defense Logistics Agency/Defense Acquisition University