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Market Research for Engineering and Technical Personnel describes market research from the perspective of technical personnel. It explains the practical value and discusses the government mandate to conduct market research. The course addresses market research team membership, sources for obtaining market data, and techniques for technical evaluation and documentation of market information.
The goal of this module is to explore the role of effective standardization in defense acquisition and its contribution to program success. It introduces you to standardization and its application across phases of the acquisition life cycle, discusses standardization policy in the DoD and addresses the management and use of standardization documents. The module is designed for professionals involved in the development or management of standardization documents.
The goal of this module is to provide the student with knowledge of the standardization documents managed within the Department of Defense (DoD). This module covers technical details of the specific purpose of each type of document; how to distinguish each type of document based on the document identifier; general rules for stating requirements in standardization documents; policy regarding the adoption and use of Non-Government Standards; and format and content requirements for Commercial Item Descriptions, Defense Specifications, Defense Standards, and Defense Handbooks. This module also provides an introduction to Federal Standards, Federal Specifications, and Guide Specifications.
This module provides a comprehensive overview of parts management, including policy and contractual implementation requirements, costs and benefits, the parts management plan, participant responsibilities, and tools.
The Defense Standardization Workshop covers DoD policies and procedures for the development, management, and use of nongovernment standards, commercial item descriptions, and specifications and standards. Group practical exercises tailored to the customer’s organization emphasize the application of standardization tools, policies, and procedures described in CLE 028 Market Research for Technical Personnel, CLE 064 Standardization in the Acquisition Lifecycle, and CLE 065 Standardization Documents.
Standardization Courses and topics offered by Department of Defense (DoD), Federal, State and Local Government, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and Private Industry
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