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Electromagnetic Environmental Effects E3

Electromagnetic Environmental Effects E3

Although technical risk is inherent in any electronic system acquisition, planning can provide a means of minimizing and reducing that risk.  In order to conduct safe, effective military operations (especially Joint military exercises), on-scene commanders must have assurance that weapons systems will function properly in a harsh electromagnetic (EM) environment. Operational forces must also have a methodology to control RF exposure to personnel and weapons systems, as well as ways to request assistance for discovered EMI problems.


In this section, information on electromagnetic effects that make up the definition of E3 is provided:  electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic pulse (EMP), electromagnetic vulnerability (EMV), lightning, radiation hazards (RADHAZ), precipitation static (P-Static), and electrostatic discharge (ESD). Consideration of these various aspects of E3 could be crucial to fielding a system that is electromagnetically compatible with itself, surrounding systems, and the operational electromagnetic environment. While EMI, including interference caused by spectrum management problems, can cause catastrophic failures, the majority of interference problems render systems only partially effective reducing operational readiness and increasing costs. It must be keep in mind that reduced equipment operation is only a nuisance in peace time training exercises; however, operational reduction in a wartime scenario can result in possible catastrophe because of the complacency of addressing interference problems.

EMC Analysis

For questions regarding any of the information located in the Spectrum and E3 Compliance CoP, please contact the Joint Spectrum Center at:

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