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JSC Ordnance E3 Risk Assessment Database JOERAD


The Joint Ordnance Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Risk Assessment Database Online (JOERAD-O)

JOERAD-O is a tool that evaluates the effects of radio frequency (RF) emitter suites upon ordnance items on ships, land platforms, or shore stations. The complex electromagnetic environment (EME) and accelerated tempo of Joint tactical operations demand full situational awareness and capabilities to evaluate risks associated with ordnance. JOERAD-O is a valuable tool with design features that will continually evolve to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  Because of the classification of some of the data involved, JOERAD-O is only available via SIPRNet.

  • The inadvertent actuation of electrically initiated ordnance items through exposure to the EME produced by RF emitters can pose a great threat to personnel and equipment, causing inadvertent initiation or dudding of ordnance items, or resulting in excessive emission controls on essential RF equipment. 
  • JOERAD-O evaluates the EME that is produced by RF emitters against the maximum allowable EME (MAE) of ordnance and generates a plan for military units, bases, and platforms to mitigate hazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordnance (HERO).
  • Awareness briefings and training courses have been developed to ensure proper consideration is given to HERO safety issues in joint operations.

JOERAD-O Capabilities:

  • Assists in the resolution of HERO effects on ordnance during the planning of Joint or combined operations and exercises as a pre-deployment planning tool.
  • Provides an organic and timely capability to calculate the minimum safe distance between ordnance and RF emitters based on the ordnance's maximum allowable environment and the EME.
  • Aids in the promotion of HERO-safe operations through calculation and deconfliction of potential interactions between ordnance and RF emitters.


  • It provides a pre-deployment planning tool to assist in the resolution of HERO during the planning of joint or combined operations or exercises.
  • It provides an organic capability to calculate ordnance Safe Separation distances and/or maximum emitter power levels.
  • It provides a "What if" type analyses involving the use of unplanned ordnance during joint operations or exercises.


Requesting JOERAD-O Access

 JOERAD-O is a SIPRnet-based service at DISA's Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO).  To request access to JOERAD-O, security policy requires that all users of DISA/DSO/JSC software users complete a SAAR DD FORM 2875.   Please complete the DD Form 2875 by obtaining the necessary signatures, completing the required security training, and then emailing the completed form to the SOSC.  When requesting access to JOERAD-O, you must also request access to the Joint Spectrum Data Repository (JSDR) on the DD Form 2875.

Note:  JOERAD-O requires a valid SIPRNet account to access it.

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Spectrum Operations Support Center (SOSC) Phone
CML: (410) 919-2836
DSN: (313) 919-2836

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