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Spectrum Supportability and E3 Policy and Guidance

Spectrum Supportability and E3 Policy and Guidance

DoD Policy requires developers of communication-electronics systems, whether spectrum dependent or not, to ensure system electromagnetic compatibility and that they provide a determination of spectrum supportability before assumption of contractual obligations for full scale development, production, or procurement. Early attention to electromagnetic environmental effects (E3) and spectrum issues is particularly critical in spectrum dependent systems, to mitigate risk and to properly address spectrum supportability and electromagnetic compatibility. Failure to consider E3 and/or spectrum early could result in program delays, additional cost or less than full operational capability. There are many resources available to help assist in spectrum certification and planning.

This section provides details and resources on DoD policies in these technical areas and guidance on implementing those policies for the E3 acquisition community. It provides details on procedures to follow during a program life-cycle to ensure systems will have electromagnetic spectrum to use that they will be compatible when fielded.

The requirement to impose E3 control and ensure Spectrum Supportability in the weapons system acquisition cycle is called out in a variety of policy directives and instructions, including the latest issuances of the following:

CJCSI 3170.01G      Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System, (1 March 2009)
CJCSI 5123-01H
​ Charter of the JROC and Implementation of the JCIDS   (31 Aug 2018)
CJCSM 3170.01C   Operation of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System, (1 May 2007)
JCIDS Manual
 Manual For The Operation of The Joint Capabilities Integration and Development  (20180831)
DoDD 5000.01
 Defense Acquisition System    (12 May 2003)
DoDD 5000.01 Change 2  
​ The Defense Acquisition System (DAS)  (31 Aug 2018)
DoDI 5000.02
 Operation of the Defense Acquisition System
DODI 5000.02 Change 5   
​ Operation of the DAS  (21 Oct 2019)
DoDI 3222.03
 DoD Joint Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Program   (25 Aug 2014)
​DoDI 3222.03 Change 2   ​ DoD E3 Program   (10 Oct 2017)
DoDI 4650.01
 Policy for Management and Use of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
DoDI 4650.01 Change 1    Policy and Procedures for the Use of the EMS - CHANGE 1  (17 Oct 2017)
​ EMS Survivability Guidebook Version 2 as of July 2020  ***NEW

The Spectrum Supportability Procedure for the Program Manager

For questions regarding any of the information located in the Spectrum and E3 Compliance CoP, please contact the Joint Spectrum Center at:

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Assessing Spectrum Supportability.aspx
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Review Assessment of the Current USCODE Title v6.ppt
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NTIA 1997 spectrum reallocation report.pdf
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Checked Out To: BRIAN FARMER
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NTIA 2000 assessment of EM Spectrum Reallocation.pdf
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