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Overview of Electromagnetic Pulse EMP

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Course Abbr Name

EMP Overview

Course Long Title

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Overview


Course introduces to Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) phenomenon, terms, important  E3 system acquisition considerations, and general requirements to protect systems against EMP.  This course presents a non-mathematical discussion of all major EMP protection areas suitable for both non-technical and entry-level technical personnel.

This Course is divided into four sections, each capturing a specific area of EMP Survivability and Hardening:

1.  Principles of System Survivability and Hardening, and the introduction of a hardening model.

2.  Electromagnetism impacts, EMP effects, and threats.

3.  Basic system hardening principles, design, and considerations to support EMP Hardening constructs & scalability

4.  Justification of EMP Testing; EMP Military Standards; simulators and test tools required; and approaches to System EMP testing.


Course describes why Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is an important E3 consideration in system acquisition and steps to protect system against EMP.

Intended Audience

Joint/Service Program Engineering Staffs



Security Clearance


Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)

ILT – 8 hours

Virtual Class – 4 hours

Class Material


Class Supplemental Material