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The below titles consists of a list communities of practice related to Earned Value Management​

RIO management is an integral part of program management and systems engineering. A program must align risk appetite with organizational capacity to manage and handle risks and apply informed judgment to allocate limited resources to the best effect. Sound judgment to achieve this balance is at the core of program management.
Systems engineering (SE) is a methodical and disciplined approach for the specification, design, development, realization, technical management, operations and retirement of a system. SE applies critical thinking to the acquisition of a capability. It is a holistic, integrative discipline, whereby the contributions across engineering disciplines, such as structural engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical designers, software engineers, human factors engineers and reliability engineers, are evaluated and balanced to produce a coherent capability -- the system.”
This is the area of Business concerned primarily with the total financial affairs of an organization, department, or program and the translation of actions past, present, and proposed into meaningful and relevant information for use in management...
Welcome to the Cost Estimating community. This career field encompasses all aspects of business cost estimating. As advisors to commanders, Program Executive Officers (PEOs), program managers, or other acquisition decision makers, individuals in this career field are responsible for business cost estimating of defense acquisition programs in direct support of the defense acquisition process...
This Community serves as a platform to connect acquisition practitioners from across multiple career fields, offering them a chance to talk, share, and acquire knowledge about key acquisition and contracting topics. It also provides useful links to help contracting professionals do research, find answers to questions, learn about development opportunities and to partipate in a community discussion.
This Community supports the business financial management career field. The community serves as a resource for DoD financial management, budget formulation (building a budget), budget enactment, and budget execution.
This Community serves as the central repository for Program Management knowledge for the Acquisition, Technology, and Logistic (AT&L) Workforce.
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