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Policy & GuidancePolicy and Guidance
Information pertinent to the engineering professional and the successful accomplishment of their project.
Policy and GuidanceIn page navigation
Once a decision is made to construct a facility and funds are available, a detailed design of a project generally begins.
DesignIn page navigation
Environmental management is the means of conserving, protecting, and restoring our environment and natural and cultural resources while accomplishing the military mission.
EnvironmentalIn page navigation
FE Real EstateReal Estate
Real estate is the foundation underneath the installation and the facilities supporting the operational mission.
Real EstateIn page navigation
It is a continuous, analytic process that involves the evaluation of factors affecting the present and future physical development and management of an installation.
PlanningIn page navigation
During this phase, a facility is built as specified by the design. It is essential that the government acquires the product that is specified, on time and within budget.
ConstructionIn page navigation
Includes the activities necessary to keep facilities in good working condition.
SustainmentIn page navigation
 Disposal is primarily a Real Estate function that has planning and environmental ramifications.
DisposalIn page navigation
Picture Placeholder: BENJAMIN HENDERSON
112/8/2021 5:56 PM

I have a section full of FE-certified employees, but with Back-to-Basics rolling out, it appears as if FE is going to end without any inheritance for the new certifications.  A spreadsheet for mass re-coding of slots went out, and the default that the spreadsheet suggests is to convert FE slots into ETM (Engineering and Technical Management), likely becasue it has "Engineering" in the title.  ETM is a mixture of the old IT, PQM, ENG, and STM certifications. An FE to ETM conversion doesn't seem like the best idea, especially since current FE certified employees inherit nothing in the new system and would have to start from scratch.  Was this a conscious decision to essentially eliminate the FE career field  in Back-to-Basics?

rdunn107/21/2022 10:52 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: JOHN PEREZ
08/5/2021 9:01 AM

​Are there any recommended DAU training courses on Real Estate Acquisition?  

I am interested in all the different legal authorities, policies, and regulations that apply to DoD real estate acquisitions.  

8/5/2021 9:01 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: rdunn10
  • rdunn10
06/26/2018 4:38 PM

​President Trump released his Executive Report outlining his Reform Plan and Reorganization Recommendations last week. One of the major proposed reforms is to move the US Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works mission out of the DoD and into the Dept of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Interior (DOI) to consolidate and align the Corps' Civil Works missions with other agencies. It moves the commercial navigation mission to DOT and the remaining Civil Works missions (flood and storm damage
reduction, aquatic ecosystem restoration, regulatory and all other activities) to DOI. 

6/26/2018 4:38 PMNo
06/20/2017 12:11 PM

​What are the top there items that could be added to this site to assist you in your day to day operations?

6/20/2017 12:11 PMNo

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