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It's everyone's responsibility to use environmentally sound management processes. This is the key to a successful environmental program. Accomplishing the mission is, and always will be, the top priority. However, successfully blending the military mission with the environmental challenge is equally important.


Environmental management is the means of conserving, protecting, and restoring our environment and natural and cultural resources while accomplishing the military mission.  Elements of environmental management include:


Planning: We must analyze the environmental and economic issues to create a facility that can be sustained over time.

Compliance: We must ensure that our operations meet federal, state, local and host nation environmental requirements.

Pollution Prevention: We must reduce pollution at its source and reduce or eliminate the creation of pollutants.

Conservation: We must protect and enhance the life sustaining quality of the land and waterways under our protection.

Restoration: We must repair the damage caused by past substance releases and waste disposal practices.


Proper environmental management and coordination is necessary to comply with federal, state, local and host nation regulations. Good environmental management can enhance mission accomplishment by preventing time delays or operational shutdowns. As an additional benefit, good environmental management will improve community and public relations.


Navy Commanding Officer s Guide to Environmental Compliance.aspx
Reference2/9/2011 7:46 PM
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