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News6/30/2017 3:05 PM
Budget Activity - BA-08.pdf
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Picture Placeholder: ERIC NEMOSECK
08/19/2020 8:04 PM

'Tis the season for.....reclamas?  It sure is!  The annual change from summer to fall brings not only cooler weather and football season, but also the OSD Program Objectives Memorandum (POM) / Budget Estimate Submission (BES) and subsequent OSD review of your program's submissions - which can result in your need to write a reclama. So if it's been a while since you have written one, or just want to make sure you are following best practices, take a minute to download the Reclama Reference Card. This card is a 1-page (2-sided) quick reference desk guide that describes what a reclama is, as well as best practices when writing one ("Do's and Dont's").

8/19/2020 8:04 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ERIC NEMOSECK
08/5/2020 2:01 PM

While the DoD clearly demonstrates success in its warfighting mission, it has been unable to pass a financial audit in accordance with law. It is vital for everyone supporting the DoD to be aware of the FIAR efforts and associated initiatives that will drive future actions for continuous performance improvement and compliance with laws and regulations.



8/5/2020 2:01 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ERIC NEMOSECK
04/8/2020 10:53 AM

Effective immediately, in response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) national emergency, the progress payment rates at Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 232.501-1 are increased from 80% of incurred costs to 90 percent for large business concerns and 95 percent for small business concerns.  The class deviation remains in effect until rescinded.

4/8/2020 10:53 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: ERIC NEMOSECK
04/2/2020 8:11 PM

DoD and DAU's first priority is the protection of our people. While DAU will not offer any classes in person until further notice, please do not cancel your class attendance yet. Students will be notified several days in advance of the scheduled start date whether their class will be cancelled or offered online.

4/2/2020 8:11 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ERIC NEMOSECK
01/8/2020 4:08 PM

When: 1/15/2020, 12:30 PM, Eastern Standard Time


What: Value Added Tax (VAT) can potentially be a major cost driver on purchases made by DoD entities or its partners abroad. Policies require that DoD seek VAT exemption from foreign countries to the maximum extent practicable. As such, it is necessary that program management, contracting, financial management, and other acquisition personnel are knowledgeable of VAT exemption since it may pertain to international efforts.

1/8/2020 4:08 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ERIC NEMOSECK
012/20/2019 7:20 PM
12/20/2019 7:20 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ERIC NEMOSECK
010/8/2019 7:28 PM

Mid-Tier Acquisition (MTA).  Other Transaction Authorities (OTA).  Go faster.  Take on more risk.  Welcome to today's acquisition environment.  But how is the DoD Financial Manager, as well as the Financial Management system, supposed to keep up?  DAU Professor Stephen Speciale explores this and more in his recent publication in the DoD FM Connection Newsletter.  Don't miss his excellent insights!

10/8/2019 7:28 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ERIC NEMOSECK
08/28/2019 7:29 PM

The Department of Defense (DoD) has experienced several major muscle movements since Fiscal Year (FY) 2016. Congress provided DoD with flexible options to complete acquisition and business endeavors in support of national defense. These additional options and potential near-term changes are intended to significantly transform the way DoD conducts business.

Besides acquisition enhancements, Congress provided DoD a record high budget amount for FY 2019. Furthermore, the president's FY 2020 budget request for DoD included the largest amount for research and development in 70 years. Although DoD's acquisition options have been modernized in recent years, the processes by which DoD receives and allocates its funding have not been modernized to the same extent. Unprecedented funding levels tend to erode financial management discipline, and DoD must execute in a manner that provides accountability and maximum value to its ultimate stakeholder—American taxpayers. To complete acquisitions at the speed of relevance and produce the most efficient business outcomes, DoD needs to transform its business processes that support and complement the various acquisition alternatives. This article assesses the current environment and provides suggestions that could allow DoD to achieve its ultimate objectives in the new era of acquisition.

Read More Here:

8/28/2019 7:29 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ERIC NEMOSECK
08/1/2019 7:29 PM

Does your program do business or make purchases such as equipment, materials, facilities and services in a foreign country?  Are you paying that country's consumption based, or sales, tax on those purchases?  Wouldn't you rather not pay those taxes and save the funds?  If so, then check out DAU Professor Stephen Speciale and MDA Program Manager Matthew Lawrence's latest article on Value Added Tax Exemptions:{%22issue_id%22:598540,%22page%22:22}

8/1/2019 7:29 PMNo
25/13/2019 3:24 PM

What is the purpose of a risk statement and what three components should be included?

ADAM STROUP7/11/2019 2:35 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: DAN PHO
15/13/2019 6:33 PM

What happend when contractor keep their EAC the same as BAC?

JOMINI MERCADO5/13/2019 6:43 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: PAUL HARRIS
15/13/2019 6:38 PM

My RDT&E program was recently reduced my 30% of our budget. Given our current timeframe(today 13 May 2019), what are my potential avenues for obtaining additional funds to make my situation better for this FY and next FY?

BRIAN VANCE5/13/2019 6:40 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: BRIAN VANCE
25/13/2019 6:32 PM

What are the three essential things required to construct a defensible budget request?

SEAN STEPHENS5/13/2019 6:38 PMNo
25/13/2019 3:26 PM

-What is the purpose of conducting root cause analysis?  What tools can be used to get to the root cause of an issue?

DAN PHO5/13/2019 6:31 PMNo
15/13/2019 3:28 PM

What is the purpose of an Analysis of Alternatives?

PAUL HARRIS5/13/2019 6:27 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ERIC NEMOSECK
05/1/2019 4:18 PM

How does your organization manage risks while meeting its objectives? Across the public sector, including the Department of Defense (DoD), organizations should have in place a Managers' Internal Control Program (MICP). Whether a Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP) or an administrative office, all organizations and their personnel can find value from the MICP.  Read more here:

5/1/2019 4:18 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ERIC NEMOSECK
01/3/2019 4:55 PM

Then you will want to check out Stephen Speciale's "VAT Is Where It's At" article in the latest Defense Acquisition Magazine, as well as the related tool on the DAU Website!


"VAT Is Where It's At" (Securing Value Added Tax Exemptions on International Acquisitions):'s-At


Value Added Tax (VAT) Exemption Calculation Tool:

1/3/2019 4:55 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ERIC NEMOSECK
012/4/2018 6:28 PM

So you may have been reading or watching news coverage this week covering a potential government shutdown on Friday, 7 December, and thought, "Wait - I thought we received a full fiscal year (FY) 19 appropriation?".  Well, you would be correct - but just for the Departments of Defense, Education, Veterans Affairs, and Energy.  For the other governmental departments, a continuing resolution (CR) through 7 December was passed by Congress (and signed by the President) prior to the start of FY19.  Remember, Congress needs to pass 12 Appropriations Acts each FY:

- Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies

- Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies

- Defense

- Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies

- Financial Services and General Government

- Homeland Security

- Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies

- Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies

- Legislative Branch

- Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies

- State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs

- Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies

As such, Congress has until midnight Friday, 7 December, to either pass all remaining appropriations acts for FY19 or vote to pass another CR.  Otherwise, those departments who are funded under the remaining 7 appropriations acts will be forced to shut down.

12/4/2018 6:28 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ERIC NEMOSECK
111/1/2018 1:30 PM

Just us 7 Nov at 1230 EDT via WebEx for a 90 minute Lunch and Learn discussion of new Acquisition authorities related to accelerated acquisition, to include Section 804 MTA authorities and other prototyping and production approaches to achieve rapid delivery of capability.


Picture Placeholder: TIFFANY ZAPATA
210/1/2018 3:27 PM

charts for OSD Monthly Execution goals only go out 3 years.  However MILCON is 5-year money.  Are there OSD goals for years 4 and 5?  If so can your point me to the reference?

ERIC NEMOSECK10/23/2018 3:15 PMNo
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