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Contract Property Life Cycle Phase Tasks

The Contract Property Life Cycle Phases consist of the events and tasks that should occur to help ensure that contract property is being effectively and efficiently managed by a contractor from acquisition and receipt of property, through stewardship, and use until relieved of responsibility by authorized means.

These phases and their associated tasks help to ensure that property is being effectively and efficiently managed, controlled, maintained, used, and reutilized.

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​​Contract Property Life Cycle Phase Tasks
  •  Pre-Award  

(1) before the Government property is provided (Preaward).

Provide assistance to the Program Manager, Contracting Officer, and Production Supply Manager to assist with the following pre-award tasks.

  • Performance

(2) during the time the a contractor is in possession of the property (Performance).

Conduct property administration, performance audits, interim disposal actions, and support partial terminations.

  • Disposition

(3) when property has been determined excess to contract performance (Disposition). 

Close the Contract Property account.

  • Closeout

(4) at the end of the contract (Closeout). 
Perform property administration closeout 

Detailed Guidance and Policy
Overview of Government Tasks
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