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1 - Require or Waive Final Inventory

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Pre-Award stage

Development through Deployment stage

Sustainment/Disposal stage

  1. Require or waive the final inventory
  2. Confirm updates to the Property Record
  3. Assist with Shipments
  4. Administer FAR 45.6 Disposal
  5. Coordinate Demilitarization
  6. Certify completion
  7. Distribute history


Determine whether contract property account is accurate, in order to plan actions to reach a final zero balance.



  1. Six months before contract completion date, determine whether a final physical inventory should be waived.
    • May be waived if Items will transfer to another contract, joint inventory may be conducted, OR
    • Inventory requirements are already met, OR
    • History shows record is reliably accurate
  1. Send notification letter to contractor to plan final closeout
  2. If final inventory is not waived,
    1. Require contractor to conduct final inventory
    2. Ensure description on record supports screening
    3. Ensure that all data elements meet requirements for the Property Record
  3. Confirm that contractor has posted physical inventory adjustments
  4. Review report and investigate unreasonable discrepancies

Disclaimer: The information contained in this resource should not be construed as official guidance. This job aid is a work in progress. Please submit suggestions to for how this tool can better support your performance.

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