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2 - Establish Property Administration Records

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Pre-Award stage

Development through Deployment stage

Sustainment/Disposal stage

  1. Review Contract & Accept Assignments
  2. Establish Property Admin Records
  3. Report Contract Deficiencies
  4. Construct a Risk Analysis
  5. Establish Property Audit Objectives
  6. Plan a PMSA
  7. Conduct a PMSA
  8. Respond to Reports of Property Loss
  9. Respond to Special Requests
  10. Dispose of property that is no longer required


Create auditable files in a standard format. This will facilitate the transfer of assignments between PAs and SPA, the flagging of action items, and the support of data calls.


Guidance for establishing a property management system file: Guidebook for Contract Property Administration, Chapter 1, Section 5.0.


Establish a file structure with the following suggested sections:

  1. Contract review
    1. Contract clauses and terms
    2. Introduction letter
    3. List of reports to distribute to various stakeholders
    4. Contract Deficiency Report (CDR)
    5. Support delegations (if any)
  2. Procedures
    1. Current copy of contractor’s written procedures
    2. PA’s review of procedures
    3. Reference standards
  3. Risk assessments
    1. System risk analysis
    2. Process risk analysis
  4. Property Management System Audit (PMSA)
    1. Audit plan
    2. Government audit documentation
    3. Contractor internal audit documents
    4. Audit documentation
    5. Audit summary
    6. Corrective actions
  5. Reports
    1. Reports of site visits
    2. Physical inventory results
    3. Reports of excess
    4. Reports of loss
    5. Other reports
  6. Closeout checklist
  7. General Property Administration correspondence

Disclaimer: The information contained in this resource should not be construed as official guidance. This job aid is a work in progress. Please submit suggestions to for how this tool can better support your performance. 

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