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Sustainment - Disposal

Delegations for Contract Administration may involve property specialists in accordance with FAR 42.302(a)(65) Accomplish administrative closeout procedures [see 4.804-5 (5) Plant clearance report is received]; and (6) Property clearance is received; as well as concluding (27) Perform property administration (see Part 45) and (28) Perform necessary screening, redistribution, and disposal of contractor inventory throughout the performance of the contract. When not delegated to a Contract Administration Office, the responsibilities of the Property Administrator and Plant Clearance Officer are retained by the Contracting Office.

  1. Require or Waive Final Inventory
  2. Confirm Updates to the Property Record
  3. Assist with Shipments
  4. Administer FAR 45.6 Disposal
  5. Coordinate Demilitarization
  6. Certify Completion
  7. Distribute History
  8. Plant Clearance
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