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6 - Certify Completion

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Pre-Award stage

Development through Deployment stage

Sustainment/Disposal stage

  1. Require or waive the final inventory
  2. Confirm updates to the Property Record
  3. Assist with Shipments
  4. Administer FAR 45.6 Disposal
  5. Coordinate Demilitarization
  6. Certify completion
  7. Distribute history


Document completion of delegated activities for the contract


Guidebook for Contract Property Administration, Chapter 1, Section 17  - Perform Property Administration Closeout 


  1. Review the assignment for all tasks to be completed and documented
    1. Confirm that all PCARSS cases are closed
    2. Confirm that all Property Loss e-Tool cases are closed
    3. Confirm that there are no inbound shipments
    4. Confirm that all shipments have been made
  2. Incorporate input from all sources, including the contractor’s alternate locations (prime or sub), to support a zero balance on the contract property account.
  3. Confirm that property removal was posted to associated Property Records
  4. Complete a comprehensive summary or checklist of contract property activity
  5. Record the final status of the contractor’s property system in your agency’s designated data repository (such as MOCAS)


Disclaimer: The information contained in this resource should not be construed as official guidance. This job aid is a work in progress. Please submit suggestions to for how this tool can better support your performance.

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