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7 - Conduct a PMSA

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Pre-Award stage

Development through Deployment stage

Sustainment/Disposal stage

  1. Review Contract and Accept Contract Assignments
  2. Establish Property Admin Records
  3. Report Contract Deficiencies
  4. Construct a Risk Analysis
  5. Establish Property Audit Objectives
  6. Plan a PMSA
  7. Conduct a PMSA
  8. Respond to Reports of Property Loss
  9. Respond to Special Requests
  10. Dispose of property that is no longer required


Lets you assess how adequately a contractor manages government property and complies with contract requirements and procurement regulations – and thus fulfill your major responsibility to conduct a property management system audit (PMSA).



  1. Conduct an entrance briefing
  2. Collect and record data for each process using appropriate worksheet (Use appropriate sampling to achieve 90%, 95%, or 97% confidence level) 
  3. Analyze data for compliance to written procedures
  4. Perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of results
  5. Conduct an out-brief (exit conference)
  6. Prepare Audit Report and Business System Analysis Summary

Disclaimer: The information contained in this resource should not be construed as official guidance. This job aid is a work in progress. Please submit suggestions to for how this tool can better support your performance.

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