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9 - Respond to Special Requests

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Pre-Award stage

Development through Deployment stage

Sustainment/Disposal stage

  1. Review Contract and Accept Contract Assignments
  2. Establish Property Admin Records
  3. Report Contract Deficiencies
  4. Construct a Risk Analysis
  5. Establish Property Audit Objectives
  6. Plan a PMSA
  7. Conduct a PMSA
  8. Respond to Reports of Property Loss
  9. Respond to Special Requests
  10. Dispose of property that is no longer required


Respond to unplanned events such as contract modification, such as requests for non-interference use (FAR 52.245-9); contract termination, contractor bankruptcy, a need for corrective action, and a need for a change of limited risk.



Analyze requests for property specialist assistance

Accept or decline requests for assistance using these means:

  • Letter accepting request and identifying points of contact
  • Correspondence to define parameters for task completion
  • Letter explaining reason for declining

Deliver assistance

  • Plan project milestone calendar
  • Create checklist of resources needed
  • Execute

Document completion

  • Summary letter with return receipt

Disclaimer: The information contained in this resource should not be construed as official guidance. This job aid is a work in progress. Please submit suggestions to for how this tool can better support your performance

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