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Taranto Model-Based Human Systems Integration (2020) [NPS Dissertation]

The practice of Human Systems Integration (HSI) is a multi-domain activity residing at the confluence of several disciplines. HSI currently lacks an accepted unifying theoretical perspective that joins HSI domain resources in terms of total system performance. Systems engineering (SE) has embraced Model-Based SE (MBSE), which signals the need for HSI to consider the development of Model-Based Human Systems Integration (MBHSI). However, HSI is not currently model based. This dissertation examined the efficacy of General Systems Performance Theory (GSPT) and Nonlinear Causal Resource Analysis (NCRA) to model the human system in terms of performance resource capacity and actual performance, execute accurate performance forecasts, articulate the HSI trade space, and address optimization. A laboratory study using a heterogeneous sample measured human basic performance resource capacities (BPR) across 19 cognitive and psychomotor dimensions, then measured novice pilot performance during a simulated Instrument Landing System (ILS) approach in a Cessna-172. Results indicated moderate to strong agreement between predicted and actual performance scores. Additionally, a quantitative approach to articulating HSI trade space and a methodology for facilitating optimization was achieved. This line of research demonstrates MBHSI is a promising approach to improve the capacity of HSI to communicate with containing systems via proven operations research methodologies.

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Taranto Model-Based Human Systems Integration (2020) [NPS Dissertation]
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