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HSI Knowledge Repository

Share knowledge resources with the rest of the HSI community here! This is a repository for Human Systems guidebooks, references, learning material, case studies, examples, templates, and other knowledge resources for Human Systems practitioners. This page contains both community-oriented and public-facing archives, as with all DAU professional communities. This allows community members to share useful artifacts (e.g., examples, document templates, plans, etc) without needing to be cleared for public release.   

Visibility Upload 
​DAU Sponsored Documents
Publicly viewable and searchable from outside DAU
​Workforce Contributed Documents
​Viewable by any registered member of this community
Registered Community Members


To contribute a document, click on the contribute tab at the top right of the page. 
*Note: this repository is Distribution A only; no Distro B/C/D, FOUO, competition-sensitive or CUI information please; no copyrighted material.*

To  inquire about the status of the HSI Body of Knowledge, please contact the co-leads at: