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This Community of Practice (COP) serves as a hub for human systems stakeholders across government, industry, and academia to share knowledge for the purpose of developing warfighter-centered systems. The target audience includes all practitioners and stakeholders concerned with integrating human considerations in system development.

Key Features

HSI Knowledge Repository - access to the published HSI Body of Knowledge (BoK); an online library of policy, standards, references, case studies, educational materials, reports, best practices, templates curated by members  
Discussions - discussion forums for collaborative Q&A, idea sharing 
Links of Interest - a curated list of HSI-related communities and resource links maintained by COP members
Education & Training - includes DAU & DoD-affiliate courses and non-DoD entities
Community Events

** An HSI COP Quick Start Guide can be found here.** [insert link]


This site is maintained by COP members and moderated by volunteers from a variety of DoD, government, industry, and academic organizations.

Site ​Moderators

Mitch Woods (co-lead)
​OUSD R&E Advanced Capabilities/Engineering Policy and Systems 

​Mike O'Neil (co-lead)
Naval Postgraduate School

LCDR Tom Annabel
​Medical Service Corps (Navy)

CDR Vincent Deguzman
​Medical Service Corps (Navy)

​Brian Pollock
​Air Force (AFMC)

​Laura Macnamara
​Sandia National Labs (DOE)


Membership is open to all persons eligible for a DAU account, including DoD employees and Contractors, and non-DoD Employees including other Federal Organizations, Academic institutions, and NATO partners. Joining the COP enables full access to all resources in the community, and the ability to post discussion items and share documents in the Knowledge Repository:

You must:

1. First establish a DAU account. A simplified guide can be accessed here. Please visit https://id.dau.edu/
      -You must provide your direct supervisor by name with email and phone number at Step 6.  For academic institutions, industry and federal partners, please list Mr Chris Barrett ([email protected]) as "Supervisor", who will check with the Joint HSI Working Group for approval of registration.

2. Once your DAU account is enabled, use the join tab at the right of the page.