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IA&E Online Learning Modules

The DAU Online Learning Modules listed below are designed to assist DoD workforce and industry members in planning and implementing International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) efforts throughout the acquisition life-cycle.

- Our DoD IA&E Overview Video explores why and how the USG and DoD engage in International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) efforts with allied & friendly nations (27 min).

- Our DAU ICP SSOI Learning Module - Part I provides an introduction to the development of International Cooperative Program (ICP) Summary Statements of Intent (SSOIs) used to establish new and modified ICPs with allied/friendly nations and international organizations (15 min).

- Our DAU ICP SSOI Learning Module - Part II focuses on the activities conducted by DoD Components to move from a US view of a potential ICP concept to a mutual understanding of a proposed ICP with one or more partner nations that can be documented in an SSOI (31 min). 

- Our DAU ICP SSOI Learning Module - Part III, Section 1 focuses on unclassified MOA, MOU and PA structural information, as well as the three different variations of the OSD/A&S/IC RAD process that DoD Components must use to obtain authority to negotiate MOA, MOUs, and PAs (12 min). 

- Our DAU ICP SSOI Learning Module - Part III, Section 2 focuses on SSOI Paragraphs 1 through 6 at the unclassified level in the following areas: ICP international agreement information; a description of the program/project's purpose, objective, and schedule; and, key information about program/project's fiscal/financial details (26 min). 

- Our DAU ICP SSOI Learning Module - Part III, Section 3 focuses on SSOI Paragraphs 7 through 14 at the unclassified level in the following areas: Legal Authority, Tech Security & Disclosure & Use of Info, Contracting, DoD Int'l Agreement Generator, Industrial Base Impact, and Key PoC Info (Negotiator, Counsel, Foreign Disclosure) (28 min). 

- Our DAU IA&E Applied Critical Thinking Series consists of four Online Modules that provide an Introduction to Critical Thinking concepts (18 min), explore International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) Analysis methodologies (42 min), and explore DAU's Stakeholder Analysis & Engagement (18 min) and Interest Based Negotiation (15 min) Decision Frameworks.

- Our DAU ACQ 380 (International Acquisition Management) Lesson Series consists of thirteen (13) Online Module videos:

- IA&E Podcast #1 -- Why do the USG and DoD Pursue IA&E Efforts? (18 min) explores the reasons that motivate the USG and DoD to engage in IA&E efforts with allied/friendly nations from a defense acquisition perspective.

- IA&E Podcast #2 – Product Upgrade Cooperation with Allies/Friends (32 min) explores the ICP and FMS options available to DoD PMs/IPTs for system-level product upgrade and sustainment cooperation with allied/friendly nations who are currently operating U.S. systems.

- DAU Webcast on Value Added Tax (VAT) 1.15.2020 (32 min) This DAU Webcast video provides DoD workforce members and industry with information on how to obtain program-specific VAT exemptions from foreign countries.
ONLINE MODULE FEEDBACK:  We are actively seeking feedback from IA&E Online Module users in DoD, Government, and industry.  Please send any thoughts you have on potential improvements to [email protected]Thanks!


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