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International Acquisition Career Path (IACP) Legacy Info

The IACP was formally disestablished as part of the Office of SecDef (Acquisition & Sustainment) (A&S) Defense Acquisition Workforce (DAW)"Back to Basics" (BtB) training initiative in February 2022.  The IACP was redesignated as a BtB "Knowledge Area" at that time.  DSMC-I's blog entitled "DoD International Acquisition and Security Cooperation Workforce Training Update" of March 22, 2022 provides further details regarding DAW BtB implementation focusing specifically on the Int'l Acquisition Knowledge Area.

 The IACP was initially established by Mr. Ken Krieg, the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics) at the time, as a DAWIA International Acquisition Career Path (IACP) by a memo he signed June 22, 2007.  The initial IACP effort focused on establishment of a Program Management (PM) career field-based IACP that required completion of several DAU international program management courses.  USD(AT&L) Frank Kendall signed a memo expanding the IACP to all relevant DAWIA career fields in September 2014.  The Office of SecDef (Acquisition and Sustainment)/Industrial Base Policy/International Cooperation (A&S/IBP/IC) staff is currently working with the DAU/DSMC-International staff to begin planning and implementing various aspects of Int'l Acquisition Knowledge Area.


Summary Description
DAU DSMC IMAR Final.pdfDAU International Monthly Activity Report (IMAR) - Aug 2022
Provides updates and information on DAU International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) activities and learning materials.
9/6/2022 10:41 AMLearning Material
DAU IACP Courses  - 9-25-20.pptxDAU Int'l Acquisition Career Path (IACP) Courses (Sep 20)
An updated summary Defense Acquisition University (DAU) International Acquisition Career Path (IACP) Foundational Learning courses and workshops -- Level I, Level II, and Level III -- is provided in this chart.  This summary includes both DAU Online and Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) courses available in FY 2021. 

This chart also has a hotlink to the Defense Acquisition Workforce IACP Training Standards and Core Plus Development Guide.
9/25/2020 12:51 PMLearning Material
ACQ202 Int SysAcq IA-E Lesson Summary Sep 19.pdfACQ 202 Intermediate Systems Acq IA&E Summary (Sep 19)
DAU's ACQ 202 Intermediate System Acquisition (Part A) online course contains a comprehensive lesson on DoD International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) planning and implementation.

This document includes a brief description of the key IA&E international transaction mechanisms: International Cooperative Programs (ICPs); Foreign Military Sales (FMS); Building Partner Capacity (BPC) programs; Direct Commercial Sales (DCS); Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements (ACSAs); and, various types of Hybrid programs established with allied and friendly nations and international organizations.  It also contains hotlinks to six (6) DAU Job Support Tools (JSTs) which provide detailed "how to" information and best practice advice on formulating, establishing, and implementing IA&E transactions.

10/26/2019 10:14 AMLearning Material
ACQ101 Fund of SysAcqMgmt Lesson Summary Sep 19.pdfACQ 101 Systems Acq Mgmt IA&E Summary (Sep 19)
DAU's ACQ 101 Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition online course contains a short, introductory lesson on DoD International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E). 

This document summarizes the key aspects of this lesson, including a description of the six key interrelated functional areas that comprise DoD's IA&E framework, and how DoD IA&E efforts relate to overall DoD/U.S. Government Security Cooperation activities with allied/friendly nations and international organizations.
10/25/2019 4:28 PMLearning Material
DoD IA_E and Sec Coop Overview -Short Form pdf - DAU-DSMC-I (Oct 19).pdfDoD Intl Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) Overview (Oct 19)
This Defense Acquisition University IA&E Overview includes a description of the six interrelated IA&E functional areas plus a summary of how IA&E related to DoD Security Cooperation efforts related to DoD acquisition efforts.
10/18/2019 2:53 PMLearning Material
(L04) Policy Update Overview 05032019.pptxACQ 380 IA&E Policy Update (Jun 19)
This ACQ 380 International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) Policy Update provides a comprehensive overview of recent changes to U.S. Government/DoD laws, regulations, and policies that affect the DoD International Acquisition Career Path (IACP) and USG Security Cooperation communities.
6/26/2019 9:04 AMLearning Material
Int'l Acqusition Career Path (IACP) Fact Sheet.aspxInt'l Acquisition Career Path (IACP) Fact Sheet (June 2018)
This International Acquisition Career Path (IACP) Fact Sheet -- published by the Intl Acq Functional Integrated Product Team (FIPT) in June 2018 -- provides useful information, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the IACP.
6/15/2018 4:59 PMReference
FY 2020 NDAA Section 861 Excerpts (DSMC-I Kenlon) 12-29-19.pdfFY 2020 NDAA Section 861 (DAW) Excerpts (Dec 19)
This Section 861 excerpt from the FY 2020 National Defense Authorization Act contains provisions on Defense Acquisition Workforce Certification, Education, and Career Field modifications enacted by Congress and signed into law by the President.
12/29/2019 10:02 PMReference
Certification Guidelines_final_Dec2019.pdfDoD Security Coop Workforce Cert Program Guidelines (Dec 19)
These DoD Security Cooperation Workforce Certification Program (SCWCP) Implementation Guidelines (21 pages), which are attached to the DSCA Memo of Dec 23, 2019 on this subject, describe the SCWCP and how it will be implemented by within DoD.  It is a follow-up to the “DoD Final Guidance for the Security Cooperation Workforce Development Program,” which was signed on February 18, 2018.

This Certification Program, a mandatory element of the DoD Security Cooperation Workforce (SCW) Development Program (SCW), will help ensure that DoD personnel assigned to identified positions in the SCW have the training and experience necessary to carry out their responsibilities more effectively.  Implementation of the SCWCP begins on January 1, 2020.
12/27/2019 10:44 PMReference
Memo for Certification Program Implementation 23 Dec 19.pdfMemo - DoD Security Coop Workforce Cert Program (Dec 19)
LTG Hooper, Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), signed out this Memorandum establishing the DoD Security Cooperation Workforce Certification Program (SCWCP) on December 23, 2019.

This Certification Program implements a required element of the Security Cooperation Workforce Development Program (SCWDP) prescribed by 10 U.S.C. 384 which was enacted FY2017 National Defense Authorization Act.  Implementation will begin on January 1, 2020. 
12/27/2019 10:28 PMReference
DAU DSMC-I Lunch and Learn (pdf) - 8-9-19 Final.pdfDAU Lunch & Learn -- IA&E Hot Topics (Aug 2019)
This Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Defense Systems Management College (DSMC)-Int'l presentation was broadcast as a Webinar on August 7, 2019.  It covers a wide variety of DoD International Acquisition & Exportability Hot Topics of interest to the Defense Acquisition Workforce as well as DoD International Acquisition Career Path and Security Cooperation Workforce members.
9/3/2019 4:44 PMPresentation
Expanded IACP 06182015 V4.0.pptxInt'l Acquisition Career Path (IACP) and Int'l Acquisition & Exportability Update (Jun 15)
This presentation provided  Defense Acquisition Workforce (DAW) members with a comprehensive update regarding ongoing AT&L/Int'l Cooperation and Defense Acquisition University (DAU) efforts to expand the DAW IACP to include the full spectrum of Int'l Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) activities being conducted by personnel in all DAWIA career fields (not just Program Management).  This update also included information on DoD and global IA&E developments in the 2015 timeframe in order to provide context regarding AT&L/IC's/DAU's ongoing IACP expansion efforts.
10/18/2017 3:32 PMReference
Int l Acq Career Path vs Int l Affairs Cert Program 5 6 15.pptxAT and L Int' Acquisition Career Path vs DSCA Int'l Affairs Certification Program
AT&L's Int'l Acquisition Career Path and DSCA's Int'l Affairs Certification Program both have the acronym "IACP", however,, they are, in fact, distinctly separate efforts.  DAU's presentation describes and explains the differences between the two separate AT&L and DSCA "IACPs". 
9/27/2017 3:20 PMPresentation
DAU IACP Overview Chart Update 1 26 15.pptxDAU IACP Overview Chart Jan 15
Defense Acquisition University (DAU) International Acquisition Career Path (IACP) overview chart which describes impact of the expanded IACP initiative (see USD(AT&L) memo of Sep 2014) on DAU's int'l acquisition courses and other learning assets.
Provides Defense Acquisition Workforce, USG/DoD personnel, and supporting industry with updated information on expanded IACP developments.
8/28/2015 4:00 PMPresentation
IACP PCD REV 2 130409 V3.docDoD Acquisition Workforce -- IACP Job Specialty Description JSD
Describes IACP position requirements that will apply to DAWIA PM and other career fields.
Provides details on future DAWIA IACP position requirements that will apply to various DAWIA career fields and positions..
10/29/2013 8:53 PMReference
FIPT Slides 10 17 2014.pptxAT&L IC IACP FIPT Presentation (Nov 14)
AT&L International Cooperation (IC) presentation slides provided at the November 17, 2014 Interrnational Acquisition Career Path (IACP) Functional Integrated Product Team (FIPT) meeting on expanded IACP implementation matters. 
10/18/2017 3:36 PMPresentation
IACP IA Specialty Imple Instructs Guidance v3a Sep 14.docAT&L IC IACP Implementing Instructions (Sep 2014)
These AT&L International Cooperation (IC)-issued implementing instructions provided to International Acquisition Career Path (IACP) Functional Integrated Product Team (FIPT) members in September 2014 provided guidance on the specific steps that needed to be taken to implement the expanded IACP throughout the Defense Acquisition Workforce (DAW).
10/18/2017 3:22 PMPresentation
IACP Competencies.pptxInt'l Acquisition Career Path (IACP) Competencies List (Nov 14)
IACP Competencies List for the Defense Acquisition Workforce (DAW) presented by DAU to the International Acquisition Functional Integrated Product Team (FIPT) in November 17, 2014.
This IACP Competencies List summarizes AT&L/IC, DACM, and DAU thinking on the competencies needed by DAW members that included in the expanded IACP.
10/18/2017 3:07 PMPresentation
IA Workforce characterization.pptxDAU Int'l Acquisition Workforce Characterization Presentation (Nov 14)
DAU International Acquisition Workforce Characterization presentation provided at the November 17, 2014 IACP Functional Integrated Product Team (FIPT) on expanded IACP implementation. 
10/18/2017 3:00 PMPresentation
Intl Acq Career Path IACP Supplemental Guidance Dir IC 3 27 15.pdfIACP -- Director, IC Implementation Guidance Mar 2015
AT&L Director, Int'l Cooperation issued supplemental guidance regarding expanded Int'l Acquisition Career Path (IACP) implementation to the Int'l Acquisition Functional IPT and other IACP stakeholders via memo on March 27, 2015.  This memo provides Defense Acquisition Workforce organizations with supplemental guidance on expanded IACP implementation.
9/27/2017 3:08 PMReference
International Career Path Memo.pdfUSD AT and L Krieg Memo Establishing IACP June 2007
Initial USD(AT&L) memo of Jun 22, 2007 establishing the International Acquisition Career Path (IACP) for applicable members of the Defense Acquisition Workforce (DAW) consistent with the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) and DoD/AT&L policy.  This is the foundational document for the IACP.
9/27/2017 3:06 PMReference
IACP Offsite Charts Oct 2013.pptxInt'l Acquisition Career Path IACP -- Update Oct 2013
Provides DoD Acquisition Workforce with a comprehensive update on planning and implementation of an expanded IACP which includes updated IACP competencies, new DAU learning assets, and plans for broadening the IACP to add career fields beyond PM.
Provides most recent AT&L/IC and DAU thinking on expanded IACP for the DoD Acquisition Workforce.
10/30/2013 8:30 PMPresentation
Memo -Middle Tier of Acq Interim Authority-Guidance_Lord (Apr 18).pdfUSD A&S Memo on Middle Tier of Acq Interim Authority (Apr 18)
USD Acquisition & Sustainment (A&S) Ellen Lord issued a Memo providing guidance to the DoD Components regarding the "Middle Tier" of Acquisition Interim Authority and Guidance for Rapid Prototyping/Rapid Development on April 16, 2018.  While this Memo does not contain any specific International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) related guidance, it could affect the structure and conduct of International Cooperative Program (ICP) efforts with allied and friendly nations in the future.
4/23/2018 5:32 PMReference
DAU FIPT Update 09082017.pdfDAU IACP Functional IPT Update (Sep 17)
Defense Acquisition University (DAU) International Acquisition Career Path (IACP) Functional Integrated Product Team (FIPT) update presentation from September 2017.  This presentation provides a comprehensive update on all DAU IACP courses and IACP-related activities.  Substantial progress has been made in implementing the Expanded IACP since efforts began in 2013.
10/23/2017 11:44 AMPresentation
GAO 16 80 Report Highlights on DAW Dec 15.pdfGAO Report on Defense Acquisition Workforce (Dec 15)
GAO recently issued a comprehensive report (GAO-16-80) that provides recommendations on "Actions Needed to Guide Planning Efforts and Improve Workforce Capability".  While this report does not specifically address the International Acquisition Career Path (IACP), it provides useful insights into current and potential defense acquisition workforce education, training, and qualification activities.  Report highlights are attached; the full text of this GAO report may be found at
10/18/2017 2:48 PMReport
USD AT L Sep 14 Memo Re International Acquisition Career Path.pdfUSD AT and L International Acquisition Career Path IACP Memo Sep 2014
USD(AT&L) Memo of Sep 2, 2014 establishes revised IACP requirements for the Int'l Acquisition Functional IPT, DoD Component DACMs, and DoD acquisition workforce members.
USD(AT&L) provides guidance on the revised IACP approach, including expanded career field applicability and DACM coding requirements.
9/27/2017 3:11 PMReference
DAU FIPT Update Nov 17 2014 Final.pptxInt'l Acquisition Career Path IACP FIPT Meeting Nov 2014
Provides DoD Acquisition Workforce an update from the November 17, 2014 IACP Functional Integrated Product Team (FIPT) on expanded IACP implementation including:

AT&L/Int'l Cooperation implementation guidance and DoD Component DACM plans for broadening the IACP to DAWIA career fields beyond the PM career field; and,
DAU's plans to develop and deploy new/revised courses and learning assets that support the expanded IACP initiative.
Provides most recent AT&L/IC, DACM, and DAU thinking on expanded IACP for the DoD Acquisition Workforce
1/20/2015 6:02 PMPresentation
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