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International Cooperative Programs ICPs

International Cooperative Programs (ICPs), sometimes referred to as International Armaments Cooperation (IAC), involves the establishment and implementation of defense acquisition partnership arrangements with allied and friendly nations and international organizations.  Defense Acquisition Workforce personnel considering ICPs in areas such as technology projects and acquisition programs must take into account a series of complex national and international interrelationships.  While the business is complex, the rewards are great.  ICPs have the potential to significantly improve interoperability for coalition warfare, to leverage scarce program resources, and to obtain the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology from the global technology and industrial base.

International Agreement Neighborhood Watch (IA NW) Team Website

AT&L/International Cooperation and the DAU Defense Systems Management College (DSMC)-International faculty have established a separate International Agreement Neighborhood Watch Team Site to support DoD government and contractor support personnel responsible for the development, negotiation, and signature of DoD ICP international agreements.  The IA NW Team Site may only be accessed by DoD CAC-holders on a 'need to know' basis.  Consult DAU's IA NW Team Site Access and Use Instructions for further information.  Contact if you believe you require access to the IA NW Team Site.

DAU Job Support Tools (JSTs)

The DAU/DSMC-International faculty has also developed four JSTs that are specifically designed to assist Program Management Offices (PMOs) and their supporting Integrated Product Team (IPT) personnel in the identification, assessment, development, negotiation, and implementation of ICPs and ICP international agreements:

- Our International Acquisition and Exportability (IA&E) Assessment JST and companion Acquisition Strategy – International Considerations JST focus on PMO-level ICP-related planning and analysis activities from pre-Milestone A through Milestone C.

- Our International Cooperative Program (ICP) JST provides practical advice to PMOs/IPTs on how to identify, formulate, discuss, negotiate, and implement various types of ICP international agreements.

- Our International Business Planning JST addresses PMO/IPT-level considerations for programs that are planning and implementing one or more ICP international agreements in parallel with potential or ongoing Foreign Military Sales (FMS) activities.

 Performance Learning Support

Upon request, DSMC-International is also available to provide Mission Assistance support on a space-available basis to DoD Component International Program Organizations (IPOs) and PMOs/IPTs involved in ICP efforts.  DAU does not charge DoD Components for faculty and staff time spent on Mission Assistance support efforts; it only asks that the organization requesting the assistance fund any travel or other incidental costs involved.  Contact DSMC-I at the following e-mail address -- -- if your organization is interested in obtaining ICP-related Mission Assistance support.


Summary Description
(L04) Policy Update Overview 05032019.pptxACQ 380 IA&E Policy Update (Jun 19)
This ACQ 380 International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) Policy Update provides a comprehensive overview of recent changes to U.S. Government/DoD laws, regulations, and policies that affect the DoD International Acquisition Career Path (IACP) and USG Security Cooperation communities.
6/26/2019 9:04 AMLearning Material
DoD Int’l Acquisition Transactions -- DAU Overview (Aug 19) FINAL.pdfDAU Int'l Acquisition Transactions Overview (Aug 19)
This Defense Acquisition University (DAU) presentation provides an overview of the primary types or forms of DoD international acquisition transactions that are established with allied/friendly nations and international organizations.
9/1/2019 8:56 PMPresentation
DAU IA NW Wkshop Blk 2 -- ICP IA Development Pt 1 - Final 7-29-19.pptxDAU IA NW Workshop -- ICP IA Development (July 19)
This DAU Int'l Agreement Neighborhood Watch (IA NW) Workshop presentation provides an overview of DoD International Cooperative Program (ICP) Int'l Agreement legal authorities and key drafting principles.  DAU Professors Tom Noble and Frank Kenlon led discussions on this topic with Mr. Ray Meinhart (A&S/Int'l Cooperation/Int'l Agreements) and 50 IA Negotiation Specialists from throughout DoD.
8/6/2019 12:01 PMLearning Material
DAU IA NW Wkshop Blk 1 -- ICP IA Basics - Final 7-29-19.pptxDAU IA NW Workshop -- ICP IA Basics (July 19)
This DAU Int'l Agreement Neighborhood Watch (IA NW) Workshop presentation provides an overview of DoD International Cooperative Program (ICP) Int'l Agreement concepts, policies, and best practices.  DAU Professors Tom Noble and Frank Kenlon led discussions on this topic with Mr. Ray Meinhart (A&S/Int'l Cooperation/Int'l Agreements) and 50 IA Negotiation Specialists from throughout DoD.
8/1/2019 6:18 PMLearning Material
State Dept ITAR 126.4 REV -- 4-19-19.pdfState Department ITAR 126.4 Exemption Revision (Apr 19)
The State Department published a long-awaited International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) 126.4 revision in the Federal Register on April 19. 2019.

The previous version ITAR 126.4 was most often used as a DoD International Cooperative Program (ICP) ITAR exemption based on the DoD ITAR Exemption Guidelines issued by the Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA) in 2004/2007 (Note:  these DTSA ITAR Exemption Guidelines memos are available on this ICOP website.)

In addition to updating and clarifying several areas regarding use of ITAR 126.4 for ICP-related ITAR exemptions, the revised version of ITAR 126.4 also addresses non-FMS Security Cooperation efforts as well as the U.S. Government Customer and Border Protection (CBP) reporting requirements for the use of this exemption.

Consult your DoD Component International Program Organization (IPO) or local Foreign Disclosure Officer (FDO) regarding potential use of the revised ITAR 126.4 provisions in support of your Int'l Acquisition program's implementation.

4/25/2019 10:41 AMReference
DAU International Agreements Process Teaching Note - DSMC-I.pdfDAU Int'l Agreements Process Teaching Note - Feb 2018
Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Teaching Note on the DoD International Agreements Process updated by the Defense Systems Management College (DSMC) International Acquisition Center in February 2018.  This DAU Teaching Note is used in various DAU International Acquisition Career Path (IACP) course and is a useful reference on this subject.
2/8/2018 5:51 PMReference
NW 26 Sep 14 DAU ICP Lessons Learned Kenlon.pptxDAU ICP Lessons Learned - Sep 2014 IA Neighborhood Watch Mtg Presentation
DAU International Cooperative Program (ICP) Lessons Learned presentation provided at the the September 2104 Int'l Agreement NW Meeting held at DARPA.
11/15/2017 9:45 PMLessons Learned
CSIS Intl Coop Programs Study Jan 2017.pdfCSIS Report on Designing and Managing Successful Int'l Joint Development Programs Jan 17
New Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) report on this subject which conducts a case study analysis of six International Cooperative Programs (ICPs):

NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Program (AGS)
Joint Strike Fighter (F-35)
Lightweight 155mm Howitzer (M777)
Standard Missile 3 Block IIA
Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS)
A400M Atlas (European cooperative program)

CSIS's case study analysis identifies key characteristics of ICPs and "Best Practice" hypotheses which provide useful insights into key factors that lead to success (or failure) of future ICPs.
9/27/2017 12:53 PMCase Study
FMR Vol 12 Ch 9 - Intl Agreements (Published Jan 2019).pdfFMR Vol 12 Ch 9 - Intl Agreements (Jan 2019)
Office of SecDef (Comptroller) published a revision to the DoD Financial Management Regulations (FMR) Volume 12, Chapter 9 - International Agreements in January 2019.

This revision is substantially the same as the previous version, but it does contain a few corrections requested by OUSD(A&S)/International Cooperation that will facilitate the International Cooperative Program (ICP) International Agreement review and approval process.

Consult the ICP Job Support Tool -- which can be accessed through this DAU ICOP website -- for detailed information on the ICP Int'l Agreement process.
3/9/2019 11:22 AMReference
USA000140-19 TAB A USD(AS) Cybersecurity in KRs 1-21-19.pdfUSD(A&S) Memo on Cybersecurity in DoD Contracts (Jan 19)
This Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition & Sustainment) Memo of Jan 21. 2019 provides updated guidance to the DoD acquisition workforce on incorporation and implementation of DoD cybersecurity requirements in DoD contracts with private sector entities.  It assigns DCMA primary responsibility for oversight and validation of contractor compliance, noting that (in specific circumstances) other DoD Component organizations may also have oversight and validation responsibilities in contractor cybersecurity oversight.
3/1/2019 9:15 PMReference
USA003377-18 ASD(A) Cyber Security in DoD KRs 12-17-18.pdfASD(A) Memo on Cybersecurity in DoD Contracts (Dec 18)
This Assistant Secretary of Defense (Acquisition) Memo of Dec 17, 2018 provides updated guidance to the DoD acquisition workforce on incorporation and implementation of DoD cybersecurity requirements in DoD contracts with private sector entities.  This memo provides guidance and a Statement of Work (SOW) template that should be used by the PM/IPT and Contracting Officer to implement OUSD(A&S) Defense Pricing and Contracting guidance issued on Nov 6, 2018 re: how to assess compliance and ensure the enhanced cybersecurity protections required by DFARS 252.204-7012 are implemented by DoD contractors.
3/1/2019 9:14 PMReference
VAT Impact - Defense Acq Mag Article (Dec 18).aspxVAT Impact on DoD Contracting (Article) - Dec 18
DoD routinely awards contracts that expend a substantial amount of money (U.S. and foreign) in foreign countries on products and services that support DoD and international acquisition efforts.

This Defense Acquisition Magazine article provides useful advice on obtaining foreign Value Added Tax (VAT) exemptions to save/avoid unnecessary costs to the U.S. taxpayer and (in some cases) our allied/friendly nation partners/customers.
1/3/2019 5:25 PMLearning Material
TTCP II MOU (Signed).pdfThe Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP) MOU - April 2018
The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP) is a DoD-wide international cooperative Science & Technology (S&T) effort that involves the defense S&T organizations of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, U.K. and U.S.  While TTCP was originally established in the 1950s it remains a viable and vibrant  cooperative S&T engagement program in today's 21st century global defense S&T environment.

OUSD/A&S/Int'l Cooperation provided the DoD Component int'l agreement negotiation community with a copy of the signed TTCP Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in May 2018.  The TTCP MOU entered into effect in April 2018 replacing an earlier version TTCP MOU from the mid-1990s.

6/3/2018 11:56 AMExample
DTIC - Intl Agreements Data Base Descriptive Summary.pdfDTIC - Intl Agreements Data Base Info Sheet
The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) hosts a DoD-wide International Agreements Data Base (IADB),.  The IADB is a CAC-accessible, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) level data base which contains summaries of all in-process, established, and expired science and technology, research and development, acquisition, and sustainment-related international agreements with allied/friendly nations and international organizations (e.g., NATO).
2/19/2018 10:26 AMReference
Section-901-FY-2017-NDAA-Report to Congress.pdfReport to Congress on Restructuring the DoD AT&L and Chief Mgmt Officer Organizations (Aug 17)
This DoD Report provides Congress with an overview of DoD's Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (AT&L) and Chief Mgmt Officer reorganization plans.  Page 11 states that AT&L "International Cooperation (IC) will be assigned to USD(A&S), however, the roles and responsibilities assigned to IC will be further assessed pending determination of potential benefit of integrating with Defense Security Cooperation Agency."  No final decision has been made yet regarding this Security Cooperation-related aspect of the AT&L reorganization.
10/25/2017 4:00 PMReport
Security Cooperation Slides.pptxSecurity Cooperation and the Acquisition Workforce
This Defense Acquisition University (DAU) presentation (two slides) provides a graphic representation of the elements of DoD Security Cooperation that are implemented by DoD Acquisition Workforce (DAW) members.
10/19/2017 2:39 PMLearning Material
IC Handbook May 2012 14.pdfInternational Cooperation in Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (IC in AT&L) Handbook May 2012
While it is somewhat out of date, the IC in AT&L Handbook (May 2012) provides information on a broad range of international cooperation matters and related subjects for use by the DAW and DoD/USG personnel.  This Handbook is not in itself a policy document, but is based almost entirely upon laws, directives, instructions, manuals, and other policy documents.  It was developed using inputs from many sources including OUSD (AT&L) International Cooperation and OUSD (Policy) as well as a number of OUSD(AT&L) offices:  Defense Procurement & Acquisition Policy, Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy, Research & Engineering, Logistics and Materiel Readiness, and Nuclear & Chemical & Biological Programs. The Military Departments' international program offices and U.S. Mission NATO also contributed to selected sections.
10/17/2017 4:04 PMReference
JSF PSFD MOU.pdfJSF Production Sustainment and Follow-On Development MOU
Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) PSFD Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) entered into effect in January 2007.  It is the governing document for the JSF international cooperative program with Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.
10/16/2017 12:38 PMExample
Int l Agrmt NW on DAU s ACC Portal 3 27 15.pptxInternational Agreement IA  Neighborhood Watch  Community
AT&L/International Cooperation (IC) sponsors a limited access Team Site for AT&L International Cooperative Program (ICP) agreement practitioners known as the Int'l Agreement Neighborhood Watch (IA NW) Community.  Prospective members should contact Professsor Frank Kenlon (DAU/DSMC-Intl') to gain access.
10/13/2017 3:51 PMReference
DoDI 2015.4  R and D Info Exchange Program.aspxDoDI 2015.4 - RDT&E Info Exchange Program (IEP)
DoD Instruction 2015.4 on DoD's Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) Information Exchange Program (IEP) with allied and friendly nations.
12/28/2017 3:01 PMReference
DoDD 5530.03.aspxDoDD 5530.3 - International Agreements
DoDD 5530.3 establishes the overall policy and procedures for development, review, negotiation, and approval of all DoD international agreements.  DoDD 5530.3, combined with DoDI 5000.02 and the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) Chapter 1 International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) Supplement, provide the defense acquisition workforce with a comprehensive body of policy and procedural guidance for the development, review, negotiation, and approval of AT&L-related international agreements.
10/17/2017 4:25 PMReference
Law.Cornell.Edu Website.aspxTitle 10 U.S.C. 2350a - Cooperative R&D Agreements
Title 10 U.S.C 2350a. provides legislative authority for DoD to enter into International Cooperative Program (ICP) Research and Development (R&D) international agreements with allied and friendly foreign countries as well as NATO organizations.  This is one of the key statutes that provides a legal basis for DoD International Armaments Cooperation (IAC) activities.
10/17/2017 4:22 PMReference
NTIB Change 3Mar2017 v1.pptxNational Technology and Industrial Base NTIB Expansion - Australia and UK
Pub. Law 114-328 (FY17 National Defense Authorization Act) modified the definition of the NTIB in 10 USC 2500 to include Australia and the United Kingdom.  The term "national technology and industrial base" means the persons and organizations that are engaged in research, development, production, integration, services, or information technology activities conducted within the United States, United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia, and Canada.  This presentation provides details on the impact of this U.S. legislative change on DoD international acquisition and contracting policy and practice.
10/17/2017 4:20 PMPresentation
DoDI 2010.06.pdfDoDI 2010.06 - Materiel Interoperability and Standardization with Allies and Coalition Partners
DoD Instruction 2010.06 establishes policies and procedures for materiel interoperability and standardization with allies and coalition partners pursuant to section 2457 of Title 10, United States Code.
10/17/2017 4:06 PMReference
DoDI 4151.21.aspxDoDI 4151.21 -- Public-Private Partnerships for Product Support
This DoD Instruction provides acquisition policy regarding use of Public-Private Partnerships( PPPs) to provide Product Support to U.S. and allied/friendly nation operators of U.S. systems.  While this DoDI focuses primarily on the U.S. domestic aspects of PPPs used for Product Support, experience has shown that this guidance is equally applicable to establish and use of PPPs that provide Product Support to allied/friendly nation International Cooperative Program (ICP) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) partners and Foreign Military Sales/Direct Commercial Sales customers.
10/17/2017 3:05 PMReference
USD(AT L) Oct 14 Memo Re LRRDP 15.pdfInternational Science and Technology (S&T) Policy
AT&L policy on Int'l S&T Engagement Strategy and Long Range Research and Development Plan (LRRDP) issued in October 2014.  This memo provides Defense Acquisition Workforce, USG/DoD personnel, and supporting industry with recently issued AT&L policy in the Int'l S&T area.
10/13/2017 5:15 PMReference
FCT Overview Brief May 14 Distro A.pptxDoD Foreign Comparative Test FCT Overview May 2104
Presentation by Col Hans Miller on the current scope, policy, and process aspects of DoD's FCT program.   This presentation provides useful insights to DoD acquisition workforce and prospective contractors on DoD's FCT program.
10/13/2017 2:03 PMPresentation
USD AT L Oct 14 Memo Re LRRDP.pdfDoD Long Range R and D Development Plan LRRDP Oct 14
USD(AT&L) Long Range Research & Development Plan (LRRDP) of October 2014.  This plan provides DoD acquisition workforce and supporting industry with DoD's long term R&D planning approach.
10/19/2017 1:48 PMReference
DAU DSMC-I Intl Acq Transactions Software Overview - R2 -7-25-20.pptxDAU Int't Acq Transactions Computer Software Overview (Jul 20)
This DAU/DSMC-Int'l presentation (R2) of 7-25-20 provides an overview of USG/DoD policies and practices that apply to DoD Internatiional Transaction-related computer software vis-a-vis its treatment as a "Defense Article" or as "Information."

This revision addresses Cooperative R&D Agreements (CRADAs), Grants, Other Transaction Authority (OTA) agreements, FAR/DFAR contracts, Building Partner Capacity (BPC) and Acquisition and Cross Servicing Agreement (ACSA) transactions.
7/26/2020 11:47 AMLearning Material
DAU SSOI LAD Reqmts Def Doc - R0 - 4-6-20.pdfDAU SSOI Learning Asset Reqmts Definition Doc (Apr 20)
This Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Summary Statement of Intent (SSOI) Learning Asset Development Requirement Definition Document (RDD) describes the proposed characteristics for the desired "generalist" and "specialist" courses that DSMC-Int'l plans to develoo in FY2020.  This RDD was coordinated with the MILDEP, DARPA, and MDA Int'l Program Organizations (IPOs) in March-April 2020.
4/29/2020 6:13 PMLearning Material
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