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Welcome to our community

The International Acquisition Management Community of Practice (ICoP)!

The ICoP focuses on helping DoD acquisition workforce members, other DoD and USG personnel, support contractors, and the defense industry learn about DoD's International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) to enhance their performance and productivity in this important area.

What are the key units of competence that, operating in concert with each other, comprise International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E)?

Defense Exportability Integration

International Contracting

International Cooperative Programs ICPs

Sales and Transfers

TSFD and Export Control

DAU's International Department has populated the ICOP webpage with pertinent international acquisition reference material, websites, and other related information as a starting point. However, ICoP members should also feel free to share their own experience and insights in planning and implementing DoD international acquisition activities. 

How to Navigate this Site:

There are many ways to interact with our community of practice.  

Would you like to learn more about an IA&E subject or topic?  You can either click on one of the eight SUBJECT TILES at the top of the main page or click on BROWSE BY SUBJECT to learn more about the key aspects of DoD IA&E.  Each SUBJECT breakdowns into detailed areas and topics of potential interest. You can also click on BROWSE BY CATEGORY to find specific types of resources, from announcements to case studies to reports. 

Would you like to share something on IA&E with the community?  Click on the CONTRIBUTE button at the top of this page to share an IA&E-related document, website, or tool.  When you contribute, your content will be available to authenticated users as part of a workforce-contributed library.

Do you have an IA&E question you would like to pose to community members? Visit SHARE AN IDEA/ASK A QUESTION on the left hand navigation or on the main page to reach out to other IA&E professionals for information.  

Other Resources:

For general information on IA&E also consider visiting the International Acquisition Management (IAM) Functional Gateway page on the site

If you have a specific IA&E question of general interest you would like to pose to a Subject Matter Expert (SME), we encourage you to take advantage of the Ask-a-Professor (AAP) site to check out previous Q&A, or to submit a new question. A DAU SME will respond with answer to your question (or find an SME that can provide an answer).  

You may also access DAU's International Acquisition Video Channel on the site to view IAM videos from DAU international acquisition courses and other sources.

Need Help?

For specific IA&E questions that you would like addressed privately, please contact DAU's International Department at

Finally, for any specific comments or suggestions regarding this ICoP page, please direct to the site contacts on the front page of this community.

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