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IA&E Laws Regulations Policies

There is no shortage of policy and guidance for DoD Program Managers (PMs) in the International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) area. PMs, PEOs and DoD acquisition Milestone Decision Authorities (MDAs) must follow the DoD 5000 series guidance that addresses compliance with a number of Executive Orders, Federal Regulations, and DoD Directives, Instructions, and Manuals that implement the IA&E-related provisions of U.S. statutes in Title 10, Title 22, and other legislation.

DoDD 5000.01, "The Defense Acquisition System" requires PMs to:

Plan for Coalition Partners. To enable allies and partners to enhance U.S. military capability, collaboration opportunities, potential partnerships, and international acquisition and exportability features and limitations will be considered in the early design and development phase of acquisition programs.

Deploy Interoperable Systems. Joint concepts, standardization, and integrated architectures will be used to the maximum extent possible to characterize the exchange of data, information, materiel, and services to and from systems, units, and platforms to assure all systems effectively and securely interoperate with other U.S. forces and coalition partner systems.

DoDI 5000.02, "The Operation of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF)" requires that PMs consider acquisition strategies that leverage international acquisition and supportability planning to improve economies of scale, strengthen the defense industrial base, and enhance coalition partner capabilities.

The CJSCI 5123.01I and the JCIDS Manual establish IA&E capability requirements policy that applies to all of these areas, with particular emphasis on coalition interoperability and building defense exportability into new and modified DOD systems and equipment.

The DoD Guide to Int'l Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) Practices provides advice on how to plan and implement these DoD policies.

The International Acquisition and Exportability (IA&E) Policy Reference List includes key U.S. Government and DoD laws, regulations, and policies that govern DoD IA&E activities.

All of these items are "hotlinked" to the original document for ready reference.