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Defense Exportability Integration

Comprehensive Defense Exportability planning and execution throughout the program life cycle leads to enhanced acquisition outcomes and security cooperation relationships that support U.S., allied, and friendly nation's warfighters. Failure to adequately address defense exportability considerations increases U.S. and foreign acquisition costs and reduces coalition mission effectiveness.  

Defense Exportability Integration (DEI) is the process to identify, develop and integrate USG/DoD Technology Security & Foreign Disclosure and DoD Technology Protection features into U.S. defense systems early in the acquisition process to protect Critical Program Information (CPI), critical technologies, and leading-edge warfighting capabilities to enable these systems’ export to partners. 

DEI aspects include:​ 

  • Program Protection measures​. 
  • Technology Security & Foreign Disclosure (TSFD) approvals​ 
  • Exportability design & development (D&D)​ 
  • Export Control authorizations​. 
  • International Security arrangements​

Defense Exportability Integration Conceptual Framework

Resource:  Defense Exportability Integration (DEI) Job Support Tool (JST)

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