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Technology Security and Foreign Disclosure (TSFD)

Technology Security and Foreign Disclosure (TSFD) and export control are major factors in any program with international aspects. The U.S. seeks to achieve a careful, deliberate balance between the risks of transferring controlled technology and information that provide U.S. warfighters an advantage in combat against the benefits of international participation and coalition warfare capability. TSFD activities focus on DoD Component program level navigation of the USG/DoD TSFD system, which involves engaging a semi-autonomous collection of various TSFD processes—colloquially referred to as the TSFD “Pipes”—that issue both broad and specific TSFD policy guidance applicable to all Under Secretary of Defense (USD) (Acquisition & Sustainment), USD(Policy), and DoD Component IA&E efforts. When navigating the applicable TSFD pipes (i.e., technology areas) the PMO/IPT, supported by its local foreign disclosure office and DoD Component International Program Organization, should use the following steps to obtain TSFD policy guidance and (if required) approvals pertaining to their system.

Resources: Defense Exportability Integration (DEI) Job Support Tool (JST)

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