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12-5-05 - CCA Knowledge Fair II Audio Recordings

The CCA Knowledge Fair II was held on 12 May, 2005.  Below are the audio recordings of each of the sessions.  Click on the session titles below to access the MP3 files.

To get the best possible sound, download the MP3 files to your hard drive and then open them.  You can do this in Internet Explorer by "right-clicking" on the MP3 link and selecting "Save Target As..."

CCA Knowledge Fair II Audio Recordings (MP3 format)

CCA: Improving the Value
(1 hr, 14 min; 8.7 MB)

NOTE: This session recording has some skipping errors.  We are attempting to get a new version.

Moderator: Dr. Margaret Myers, PD DCIO, DoD


  • Priscilla Guthrie, DCIO, DoD;
  • Gary Winkler, Army Principal Director;
  • Rob Carey, Navy Deputy CIO
  • Rob Thomas, Air Force Deputy CIO
Stakeholder's Perspective on CCA 
(1 hr, 6 min; 7.7 MB)

Moderator: Dave Mullins, Acquisition, OASD (NII)

  • Matt Perry, Personnel & Readiness
  • Paul Peters, DLA
  • Skip Hawthorne, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy, OUSD (AT&L)
Alignment of CCA with DoD Transformation Initiatives
(1 hr, 14 min; 8.7 MB)

Moderator: Bob Nemetz, Principal Deputy, Acquisition Resources, AT&L

  • Mark Kryzysko, Supply Chain Systems Transformation Directorate, OUSD (AT&L)  
  • Elizabeth Flaharty, DAMIR Program Manager, AT&L
  • Virginia Williamson, U.S. Transportation Command
CCA Knowledge Fair I Update and What's Ahead
(45 min; 5.3 MB) 

Moderator: Ray Boyd, Acting Dir., Commercial Policies & Oversight, OASD (DCIO)

  • Audrey Davis, DFAS CIO
  • Noel Dickover, (CTR), DCIO, DoD
  • Rita Lewis, Dir., Acquisition, OASD (NII)
Outcome-based Performance Measures/ Business Process Redesign 
(1 hr, 9 min; 8.1 MB)

Moderator: Dr. Scott Comes, Dir. C4 and Information Programs, OSD (PA&E)

  • Kevin Barton, NSA
  • David Falvey, PEO, DLA
  • Ron Rosenthal, PM, Navy Converged Program
Moving from Oversight to Partnership: Building Productive Relationships
(1 hr, 14 min; 8.7 MB)
  • Hile Rutledge, OKA Associates
  • Jennifer Tucker, Booz-Allen & Hamilton
Plenary: What Have We Accomplished?  What is Next?
(17 min; 1.9 MB)
Facilitator: Dr. Tom Hickok
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