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CCA Tasks


The following tasks are required to fulfill CCA certification requirements.
  • Outcome-based Performance Measures*: Establish Outcome-based Performance Measures, sometimes referred to as measures of effectiveless, which are linked to strategic goals. 

  • BPR: Redesign the process that the system supports to reduce costs, improve effectiveness and maximize the use of COTS technology

  • (Economic Analysis): An Economic Analysis has been conducted that includes a calculation of the return on investment; or for non-AIS programs, a Life-Cycle Cost Estimate (LCCE) has been conducted.

  • Acquisition Measures: There are clearly established measures and accountability for program progress.

  • GIG Architecture Consistency: The acquisition is consistent with the Global Information Grid policies and architecture, to include relevant standards.

  • Information Assurance (IA) Strategy: The Program has an Information Assurance strategy that is consistent with DoD policies, standards and architectures, to include relevant standards.

  • Modular Contracting Employed: To the maximum extent practicable, (1) modular contracting has been used, and (2) the program is being implemented in phased, successive increments, each of which meets part of the mission need and delivers measurable Benefit, independent of future increments.

  • Post Implementation Review (PIR): A Post Implementation Review has been conducted. In DoDI 5000.2 this is referred to as a Post Deployment Production Review (PDPR).

  • CCA Certification: Section 8068(c) of the Appropriations Act for FY 2008 re-enacted a provision that requires the DoD CIO to certify CCA compliance for MAIS Systems to the congressional defense committees at acquisition milestones. 

* The referenced outcome-based performance measures are the mission/capability MOE(s) of this section.  The interpretation of this table is that ACAT 1AM programs operating with requirements documents that do not contain quantified mission/capability MOE(s), require a separate statement of MOE(s) to satisfy milestone requirements.  Finally there is a caveat in DoDI 5000.02, Table E4.T1, for ACAT 1D programs that include IT/NSS that are not themselves IT systems.  These programs are presumed to satisfy the establishment of outcomes-based performance measures by virtue of having approved ICD, CDD, CPD and APB documentation.

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