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Core Priority Function Determination


Overview: This element of the CCA asks if the function supported by a proposed acquisition is something the Federal government actually needs to perform; i.e., for DoD, is the function one that we (the DoD and/or its Components) must perform to accomplish the military missions or business processes of the Department?

For DoD, this question is answered in the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System process. Before a functional requirement or new capability enters the acquisition process, the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System process (See CJCSM 3170.01, Enclosure A) requires the sponsor to conduct a series of analyses (i.e., the Functional Area Analysis, Function Needs Analysis, and Functional Solution Analysis). These analyses are normally completed before preparing an Initial Capabilities Document. Ideally, these analyses will show that the acquisition supports core/priority functions that should be performed by the Federal Government. Moreover, the analysis should validate and document the rationale supporting the relationship between the Department's mission (i.e., core/priority functions) and the function supported by the acquisition.
Who is Responsible? The Sponsor/Domain Owner with cognizance over the function leads the analysis work as part of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System process.
Implementation Guidance: Ensure that the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System analytical work addresses the CCA question by establishing the linkage between the mission, the function supported, the capability gap and potential solutions. The following questions should be helpful in determining whether a program supports DoD core functions:
  • Does the program support DoD core/primary functions as documented in national strategies and DoD mission and strategy documents like the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), Strategic Planning Guidance (SPG), Joint Operating Concepts (JOC), Joint Functional Concepts (JFC), Integrated Architectures (as available), the Universal Joint Task List (UJTL), domain mission statements, or Service mission statements?
  • Does Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (i.e., Functional Area Analysis/Functional Needs Analysis/Functional Solution Analysis) validate that the function needs to be performed by the Government?
  • Is the program consistent with the goals, objectives, and measures of performance in the lead Sponsor/Domain owner's Functional Strategic Plan?
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