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Outcome-based Performance Measures

Overview: The CCA requires the use of performance and results-based management in planning and acquiring investments in information technology, including national security systems (IT, including NSS). This section defines measurement terminology, relates it to DoD policy and provides guidance on formulating effective outcome-based performance measures for IT, including NSS investments. As stated in DoDI 5000.02, for a weapon system with embedded information technology and for command control systems that are not themselves IT systems, it shall be presumed that the acquisition has outcome-based performance measures linked to strategic goals if the acquisition has a Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System document (Initial Capabilities Document, Capability Development Document or Capability Production Document) that has been approved by the JROC or JROC designee. IT, including NSS outcome-based performance measures are also referred to as measures of effectiveness (MOEs). More...

Regardless of the term used, the Clinger-Cohen Act states that the respective Service Secretaries shall:

  • Establish goals for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of agency operations and, as appropriate, the delivery of services to the public through the effective use of information technology.
  • Ensure that performance measurements are prescribed for information technology programs used by or to be acquired for the executive agency and that the performance measurements measure how well the information technology supports programs of the executive agency.
  • Conduct post-implementation reviews of information systems to validate estimated benefits and document effective management practices for broader use.

In summary, we are obligated to state the desired outcome, develop and deploy the solution, and then measure the extent to which we have achieved the desired outcome. For further discussion, see the CCA language in page 24 of Circular No.A-11, Part 7, Section 300, Exhibit 300, Part I, Section I.C. Additionally, discussions on the statutory basis and regulatory basis for MOEs and their verification are available.

Who is Responsible?

  • The Sponsor/Domain Owner with cognizance over the function develops the MOEs as part of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System process. This individual should ensure the MOEs are outcome-based and relate to the outcomes identified as benefits in the benefits analysis.
  • The program manager should be aware of the MOEs and how they relate to overall program effectiveness and document these MOEs in the Exhibit 300 that is part of DoD's budget submission to OMB.
  • The DoD CIO assesses the outcome-based measures in deciding whether to certify CCA compliance for Acquisition Category IA programs.

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