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Outsourcing Determination

Overview: This element of the CCA asks if any private sector or other government source can better support the function. This is commonly referred to as the "outsourcing determination." The Sponsor/Domain Owner determines that the acquisition MUST be undertaken by DoD because there is no alternative source that can support the function more effectively or at less cost. Note that for weapon systems and for command and control systems, the need to make a determination that no private sector or Government source can better support the function only applies to the maximum extent practicable. This requirement should be presumed to be satisfied if the acquisition has a Milestone Decision Authority-approved acquisition strategy.

Who is Responsible?

  • The Sponsor/Domain Owner with cognizance over the function leads the analysis work as part of the Analysis of Alternatives (Functional Solution Analysis) process.
  • The program manager updates and documents the supporting analysis in the Analysis of Alternatives and a summary of the outsourcing decision in the Acquisition Strategy.

Implementation Guidance: Depending on your current milestone review, some questions that can be used to make the "No Private or Government Better" determination:

  • Does the proposed investment in IT support core mission or inherently governmental functions that need to be or must be performed by the Government?
  • Can the functions be accomplished more efficiently (reduced cost and/or improved effectiveness) by another federal organization.
  • Does the proposed investment in IT fall under A-76? (Outsourcing policy).
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